Most Beautiful Streets of Italy

Most Beautiful Streets of Italy

Italy is all about reigniting your passion and kindling new love in your hearts. From the heartwarming hospitality to breathtaking views of the amazing landscapes here, Italy has something to offer even the most demanding person. There are various places to visit in Italy, even if you take a walk on one of the many beautiful famous streets in Italy, you will be swept off your feet at the exquisite nature of the paths, the cobbled foundations, and the beautiful structures that adorn the sides. Just a walk down the street is enough to fill you with several memorable experiences.

Take a look at some of the most beautiful streets in Italy

Below we have listed out the most beautiful streets in Italy that you must visit in your Italian vacation. So don’t forget to add them in your itinerary!

  • Streets of Spello

    Streets of Spello

The magic of the streets of Spello is that it will always lead to a nice place, be it a Medieval or Renaissance architecture, cobblestone alleys or little stone bridges that connect the houses. Most of the streets are adorned with flowers and beautiful plants that offer a warm welcome to those who traverse the eye-catching paths.

  • Galuppi, Burano, Italy

Galuppi, Burano, Italy

Burano is a tiny island located in the lagoon of Venice. Walking through this street will not only give you a spectacular visual treat but also offer unrivalled Italian charm. If you are wondering about the brightly coloured houses, there is an interesting story behind it. Legend has it that houses were painted to distinguish one family’s property from another during fog season. You can always ask the locals to share their views about it.

  • Corso Porto Borsari, Verona, Italy

    Corso Porto Borsari, Verona, Italy

This is a beautiful street located in the romantic city of Verona in Italy. The street has famous shops like Lo Scrittorio that is known for its elegant pencils, pens and paper products. There are other shops located on either side of the street where you may buy exquisite products while walking through. This street may be crowded at times due to the presence of avid shoppers. However, this should not deter you from checking this street out.

  • Corso Santa Anastasia, Verona, Italy

    Corso Santa Anastasia, Verona, Italy

Authentic antiques can be found among the narrow streets of Corso Santa Anastasia. The street offers beautiful scenes during the day, but to experience the magic of this place, you should check it out when the street is adorned with candles at night. This breathtaking view will steal your heart away. Just visit Verona (Italy) on your next trip to this romantic paradise and immerse yourself in the visual vibrancy of this amazing place.

  • The Barbaresco Path

The Barbaresco Path

This cobbled path acts as a link between two famous wine villages of Neive and Barbaresco. The street is simple, yet it has a rustic beauty that will take your breath away. From the subtle cobbled sections of the street to the houses that are placed on either side, everything about this path will surely make your walk a memorable one. Don’t miss checking out this street when you are in Italy.

  • Dolceacqua, Liguria

Dolceacqua, Liguria

This street in Dolceacqua, Liguria is exactly how you might have imaged Italian streets to be. It has a perfect blend of rustic elements with a vibrant presentation that simply steals the heart of anyone who traverses the cobbled path here. There are shops along the street where you can check out the latest wares or even enjoy a light snack.

  • Amalfi, Campania

Amalfi, Campania

Amalfi is quite popular amongst those who visit Italy. The place is famous for its coast which has a spectacular marine landscape and has some of the most beautiful roads lined along the coast itself. But that is not all. Amalfi has beautiful streets as well. The street shown in the image above shows people enjoying the shaded view of this street in Amalfi that has an array of branches laid out in an interesting pattern.

  • Monte Pertica street in Alberobello, Bari Province

Monte Pertica Street in Alberobello, Bari Province

The view at Monte Pertica Street in Alberobello (Bari province) is subtle yet mesmerizing. The first thing that you would notice is the white-coloured houses with the conical rooftops that almost resemble an inverted ice cream cone. There are different shapes painted onto the front portion of the conical roofs. Walking through this street is a surreal experience. Add this place to your itinerary when you visit Italy.

  • Sorno, Tuscany

Sorno, Tuscany

This is another Italian street that is adorned with flowers and potted plants. The path is cobbled, just like most of the streets in the city. If you have traversed paths like this, then it should not feel very different to you. But for those who have yet to experience it, this will a beautiful experience. Don’t forget to check out the buildings and the structures that are located on either side of the path.

  • Molfetta, Puglia

Molfetta, Puglia

The street at Molfetta, Puglia has a modern yet rustic appeal to it. The path is not cobbled as such, but it is carefully laid out with structures being present on either side. There is a small bridge across one portion and this connects the two buildings that are located on the sides.

  • Caruggi, Liguria

Caruggi, Liguria

The street at Caruggi, Liguria includes a flight of stairs that have been merged with the path. There is a single line running down the middle of the path which blends in perfectly with the greenish hue of the street. Interestingly, the central line has a similar shade as that of the surrounding buildings. When you reach the top, don’t forget to click a picture of the street below. The view would definitely take your breath away.

  • Bassiano, Lazio

Bassiano, Lazio

Bassiano is a community in the Province of Latina in the Italian region Lazio. It is a small place built amidst the Italian landscapes with the streets having a “carved-out” appeal. The paths are narrow yet they have a rustic beauty about them. From the side walls to the paths – everything has been laid out with stones. Probably, this is why the place has a surreal and mystifying presence.

  • San Gemini, Umbria

San Gemini, Umbria

The community of San Gemini is characterized by well-preserved medieval burgh with two lines of walls, built over the remains of a small Roman centre along the old Via Flaminia. The streets here are simple cobbled paths with colourful buildings present on both sides. Flower pots may be found hanging from the windows. Apart from that, the streets are quite simple in design and layout.

  • Isola San Giulio, Piedmont

Isola San Giulio, Piedmont

Islo San Giulio is an island within Lake Orta in Piedmont. The island has several picturesque buildings that have aged gracefully. In addition to these structures, you can check out the streets which are simple paths laid out around the buildings. The streets are narrow, but they have enough width to allow comfortable traversing.

  • Capri

CapriThis is one of the most beautiful Italian streets that you can come across in Italy. The houses and shops are adorned with wonderful pink/purple flowers that offer a beautiful sight. One cannot help getting mesmerized at the sight of such wonderfully laid out floral arrangements.

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