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We offer a variety of tours which enable people from all over the world to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Italy

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Amalfi and Naples excursion tours

Enjoy Chauffeured Amalfi Coast Tours

Italy has much scenic beauty to offer the new or seasoned traveler. We offer a variety of tour packages which enable people from all over the world to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Italy. We have the necessary permits to be able to chauffeur you into areas where regular buses and other transport services are seldom allowed, so that you can experience the beauty of regions such as the Amalfi Coast in comfort. When you take one of our Amalfi Coast tour, you can explore busy seaside towns and shops, dine at top-rated restaurants, see scenic flora and more.

structures. Naples houses the museum of National Archaeology, where you can see some of the best archaeological findings from Pompeii. During the week, archaeological excavations are open to the public and you can rent headphones or a guide for in-depth information about the site.

Half Day and Full Day Naples Excursions

In addition to full day excursions lasting approximately nine hours, we also offer half day excursions which allow you to limit your excursion to a particular site or split various visits up over a period of a few days. A tour of the Herculaneum, an ancient Greek residential site, will allow you to discover the ruins of a city buries in the volcanic ash of Mount Vesuvius nearly 2000 years ago. Your half or full day tour package does include being chauffeured and all petrol, parking and toll costs as well as taxes, but does not cover lunch and entrance costs for protected sites such as the Herculaneum.

Customized Amalfi Coast Excursions

When you select one of our Amalfi coast excursions, you can choose to have the tour modified and/or lengthened in order to include the sights which you would most like to see. For large groups, we will split your party up amongst smaller cars, as this makes navigating the Amalfi coast easier and provides greater comfort for all. Some sites such as the Villa Cimbrone have entrance fees, and there are regular music concerts which also entail entrance fees, but there is also much to enjoy in Amalfi which you do not have to pay for.

Naples Shore Excursions for Cruise Stops

If you have planned a cruise along the cost of Italy, you can plan one of our Naples shore excursions around your cruise, provided that Naples is your port of call – we also offer shore excursions for other ports, including Amalfi, Palermo and Salerno. These are a great means for you to add extra value to your cruise experience, as well as wile away the hours in an intriguing way while your cruise liner is being attended to. We accept payment in a number of currencies.

Choose Between our Various Naples Tours

We have various packages on offer for Naples tours, including excursions which feature the ruins of Pompeii beneath Mount Vesuvius. With fascinating historical sites such as these to explore, you will have many opportunities to take enchanting pictures of famous