10 Must See Piazzas Of Italy

Piazzas are town squares that are public places. Town squares or City squares as they are also known as were used for gatherings in the ancient times. Today they serve as major attractions and are a hub of commercial activities. Piazza is Italian to town squares and still are the heart of Italian towns. Tourists gather at Piazzas in the evening making them the most exciting place in the town. The history of Piazzas date back to 4th and the 5th century. The then Roman towns were fortifying to defend the foreign attacks and piazzas became the... Read More

The Magnificent Gardens in Florence

There could be countless reasons to visit Florence. One can be as common and historically significant as the fact that it is the Birthplace of Renaissance. Another could be the fact that it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Calling Florence, another heaven on earth would be no exaggeration, in fact, it is synonymous with the word ‘beautiful’. With the capital of the Tuscan region of Italy, Florence epitomizes the paradise-like enchantment and there is so much to see that you need to have plenty of time. Yet there is the... Read More

10 Must Visit Coastal Towns of Italy

If you have ever seen Italy on a map and if you are a good observer, you would have discovered that Italy is surrounded by water on the 3 sides and it holds the sovereignty over one the biggest islands in the Mediterranean sea that is Sicily. With so much of water around the country, the Italian coastline adds up to 7600 KMs which means apart from the historic towns and cities and the rich Roman history, there is another reason to visit Italy- its coastal towns. The beautiful coastline of Italy starting right from Sanremo on the west coast to... Read More

5 Breathtaking Places of The Italian Riviera to Visit

With an area, just a little above 300 thousand square KMs and much less than one-third of the United States, Italy contradicts its area with the diversified geography it has. The boot-shaped country has varied shades of landscapes spread across it- from the most North- Milan to down South- Sicily, from the far Northeast- Venice to the deep Southwest- Naples. Every distinct countryside that not only is geographically divergent but also culturally different makes Italy more explorable and alluring which can not be covered for a limited... Read More

5 Upmost Italian Operas

Since time immemorial operas have been a significant part of the western classical music. And where it all began was- Italy. Just like every road leads to Rome, all operas lead to Italy, would not be an exaggeration to say as Italy is the birthplace of opera. Even today people from across the world travel to see operas and if you happen to be in Italy, it's a lifetime opportunity to witness the grandeur. Here are 5 best operas from Italy that you ought to go- 1. Teatro La Scala Also known as La Scala, Teatro La Scala is situated in Milan.... Read More

5 Reasons You Just Can’t Miss Sicily

Apart from uncertain origins of the mafia, Sicily has a lot of reasons to consider visiting it. Land to some highly active Volcanoes, Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean sea and enjoys the autonomy of Italy and is situated near the southern tip of the country. Although a part of Italy, Sicily has a very distinct culture from that of Italy. Triangular in shape, it earns its another name Tinacria, and as its, an island has many beaches. Here are 5 reasons to visit Sicily: 1.Beaches Sicily is an island and being an island it is... Read More

Italian Pastries: A Reason to Sweet Tooth

Italy is a traveler’s paradise. With its medieval cities, Renaissance roots and Roman architecture it finally satiates the wanderlust. Yet Italy gives you another reason to fall for it and it is the epicurean delight- the Italian cuisine. Italian food is as much loved as Italy itself. A part of the Italian cuisine- pizzas, pasta, lasagna has already conquered the taste buds of the gourmets of the world but what remains underplayed is the Italian dessert. There is a comprehensive range of Italian desserts, probably it can be encompassed in a... Read More

A Beautiful Weekend: Florence

When it comes to beautiful places, there are a few tens of them which although can’t be counted on fingers yet are the most serene and exotic in the world. One such heavenly location is- Florence, Italy. Florence has also been one of the significant cities of the worlds since time immemorial. It is said to be the birthplace of Renaissance. If you have not seen Florence You haven’t seen Europe. Florence takes you back in time- roaming around the pebble roads make you feel you live in the time of Da Vinci and Machiavelli. It would not be... Read More

Places In Italy That You Can’t Miss

Among all the European destinations, Italy certainly features among the first five for its sophisticated culture, delicious world-famous cuisine, Renaissance art, vineyards, fashionistas and architectural prowess. All of these make Italy a perfect travel package for everyone out there! A travel enthusiast can never afford to miss a trip to Italy and a chance to delve into its culturally and intellectually rich society. When in Italy, these are the places that you shouldn’t miss at all! Venice For all romantic couples out... Read More

How To Enjoy Aperitivo Like An Italian

Italy is known for its famous festivals and seasonal eating and as a relaxation spot. Aperitivo is a traditional Italian drink or a light meal that is usually taken before a meal as it enhances your appetite. It can be observed like a custom and is a regarded habit in Italy. You can almost find it in all cities and towns. If you visit Italy and miss the Aperitivo you are definitely missing the quintessential cultural expressions the nation has to offer. Aperitivo Aperitivo or the French word aperitif is derived from the Latin verb aperire... Read More