7 Italian Cocktails & Drinks You Can’t-Miss To Sip At

Something very unlikely to be popular from Italy is its beverages, but you cannot remain untouched by the lip-smacking trickle of the Italian drinks and cocktails when you are in Italy. On top of everything, the best time to enjoy the traditional Italian drinks is here, as it is the peak of summers. We bring you some of the most relished Italian cocktails and drinks you must sip at on your Italian vacation. Aperol Spritz Another amazing drink from Venice is Aperol Spritz whos originating story is not known to people but... Read More

3 Places That Make Vatican More Than What it is Known For

There are 2 things which come to mind when we hear ‘Vatican’; one, the smallest country in the world (by area as well as by population) and the other, the powerhouse of Catholicism. But these two facts are not enough to visit the Vatican. Within the city of Rome, is housed the Vatican which has been the official residence of the pope since they returned from Avignon in 1377. Today, it is a sacerdotal monarchy headed by the pope who is the ultimate ruler of the city-state. Well, as said, being a Catholicism hub and the smallest... Read More

5 Castles Of Italy You Can’t Miss On Your Italian Vacation

The word ‘castle’ invariably strikes many of us about Europe. Although castles have been everywhere in the world yet how can one not think about the larger than life castles of Great Britain (Ireland and Scotland) and France which have witnessed history and endured through the time to retell the history.... Read More

Do You Know There Are 9 Other Leaning Towers of Italy?

Pisa has the distinction of being known world over for the leaning tower it has. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the 7 wonders of the world. But do you know, there are 9 other leaning towers in Italy? Yes! Astonishingly there are 10 leaning towers in the whole of Italy with a majority of them in Venice and Pisa. Let us see one by one all these leaning towers and probably the reason behind their tilt. The Campanile of San Martino, Venice Also known as the Bell Tower of Burano, the Campanile of San Martino is a leaning bell tower in... Read More

What Are The Talking Statues of Rome and All About Them

For about more than 500 years, a unique way of showing public resentment in Rome has been underway as an iconic practice of anonymous political expression that began way back in the 16th century. Popularly known as the ‘Talking Statues of Rome’ or the ‘Congregation of Wits’, these are medieval statues that became outlets for the Vox Populi. These statues have been a platform for the people to make their opinions heard to the authorities by writing satirical messages on the pedestal of these statues. In the age of free speech and... Read More

6 Reasons To Visit Italy in Spring

Italy can be visited any time in the year, the mesmerizing landscapes, the taste of history, splendid architecture, breathtaking artwork and splendid culture of the country makes it anytime travel destinations. Although, every wine has a different glass that is so designed that the wine touches the right spot on the tongue to give you the best taste and so Italy also has a specific time to be visited to get the best experience. “Spring”—is that time of the year, one should visit the picturesque, sculpturesque, statuesque and... Read More

5 Worth Exploring Ghost Towns of Italy

If you may get confused, ghost towns are not haunted towns, rather they are the ruins of the civilization that has been abandoned by the once living inhabitants for the reasons like an epidemic, a natural disaster, an economic meltdown, geographical isolation etc. Ghost towns across the world have been a major tourist attraction, probably because of the tranquillity they resonate and the sympathy they arouse in the tourist’s heart. The spell becomes more enchanting when these ghost towns belong to a time not contemporary to... Read More

Having Coffee, The Italian Way

Just as coffee goes back all the way to Ethiopia, as it came from there, all the coffee variants that we know today lead back to Italy; cappuccino, latte, mocha, espresso, macchiato etc. Well, apart from crediting those names, Italy has something distinct with coffee which is not anywhere to be found in the world. Coffee in Italy is also served at places we know as ‘bars’. For the rest of the world, these bars are the places where liquor is served and consumed but, well in Italy, it is not the case. Although a ‘bar’ means... Read More

What All You Should See In Pompeii

Out of thousands of reasons to visit Italy, this is the one, you could never forget. The history books told us the deadly destruction of the city of Pompeii in 79 AD due to a catastrophic volcanic eruption of the adjoining Mount Vesuvius, which is today, one of the 16 Decade Volcanoes of the world. Yes, visiting the city of Pompeii which was buried for a period of a thousand and five hundred years under the volcanic ash, is undeniably one of the most amazing reasons to visit this place. One of the most disastrous in the human history, by... Read More

Rome’s Colosseum Glows Red

Picture Credit via Euro News The recent glowing of Rome’s Colosseum red could be symbolic of the bloody history of the amphitheater for many, but the reason was something else. On the evening of 24th of February, the Colosseum standing mighty in the heart of the city bathed in scarlet light, which mark a protest against the persecution of Christians around the world. The story goes back to 2010 when a Pakistani Christian woman—Asia Bibi was sentenced to death for making derogatory remarks about Islam. The alleged comment came... Read More