Trevi Fountain Turns Red Once Again

You must have heard about the Trevi fountain of Rome, especially a couple of times in last 10 years it has been in the headlines. Trevi turned red, a second time in the last 10 years. A vandalism artist named Graziano Cecchini reddened the water of Trevi by pouring a natural red dye in the water of the fountain. Cecchini did this to bring forth the corruption in Rome. Interestingly Trevi fountain had turned red in 2007 also. It was a protest against the cost of Rome Film Festival and the red color was to symbolize the color of the red... Read More

Northern & Southern Italy: 2 Sides of a Coin

Every being in this world has always been territorial and ‘every being’ encompasses humans as well. We have had boundaries, borders, fences from ever, demarking the territories we hold. The most modern context of boundaries can be seen in the political boundaries every country of the world has today. Apart from distinguishing countries, these political borders do not limit themselves to segregate nations only, but they run deeper, separating geographic regions within the country. The interesting thing about these borders is that they are... Read More

The Must See Curated Arts of Italy

Even if someone doesn’t know much about Italy, there is one thing everyone knows about Italy and that is- ‘Art’. The epicenter of the renaissance with a great mythology and history, Italy has been and to this day is, the greatest haven for artists as well as art lovers. Since the times of Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Donatello (and countless artists who contributed to the art and made Italy what it is today) to this day, Italy has curated the work of every such great artist to show the world the incredibility of art. Here are few curated... Read More

7 Heavenly Islands of Italy

Italy is evidently popular for its cuisine, the Italian culture, the Roman catacombs, history, coastal towns, Piazzas, automobile Marques, fashion houses, Operas and the list goes on. But there is something less evident and much more amazing than everything else Italy has- The ‘islands’ of Italy. By looking at the map of Italy, you could only make out that Italy has only 2 islands- Sardinia and Sicily, but that is not the truth. Italy has numerous islands to its sovereignty and they are as beautiful as the Italian mainland. We have... Read More

10 Things You Must Know About Gondolas

Symbolism as an avant-garde is as old as 200-300 years, but it is more than just an artistic movement. Symbolism has always been a part of the art of depiction of a place, time, event, person etc., encompassing the portrayal of the culture. Today places (countries, geographical regions, cities, towns) are most of the times represented by symbols. Cities across the globe are represented by symbols like- Apple (New York City), Eiffel Tower (Paris), Big Ben Tower (London). One such city is the ‘city of water’- Venice, and there are a lot of... Read More

Shore Excursions With Benvenuto

Italy is surrounded by water on 3 sides with Tyrrhenian and Ligurian Seas to the west, Adriatic sea to the east and Ionian sea in the south. This gives Italy a huge coastline of 7600 Kms that is slightly above 80% of the total border of the country. This humongous shoreline gives another great reason to visit Italy apart from the more obvious reasons like cuisine, culture and history of Italy. Benvenuto is a 65 years old family owned and run business and we provide chauffeur services across Italy. We have an extensive coverage with the... Read More

9 Amazing Spots in Italy to Bike

It is very difficult to imagine doing anything else apart from roaming, dancing, eating and reading in Italy as it is a land of historical significance, varied Italian cultures, food and wine. How about biking in Italy? Well, the first thing that pops up in the mind is, who would like to hop around on a bike on an Italian vacation? Yeah, that is kind of difficult to imagine. But if you are a cycling enthusiast or even if you are not, you could enjoy biking in Italy satiating your desires as an enthusiast or as an amateur. Here are 9 spots you... Read More

How to Stay Cool in Rome

What could be the biggest concern if you travel to another city? Commuting, food, Well, nothing could be as challenging as the season in which you plan to visit that city. Although the season is a major factor taken into consideration before making travel plans, yet at times it is not in our hands to fully align the traveling plans. In case you are in Rome at this time of the year, the temperature is at the peak and you don’t want the fun to get ruined. Here are a few things to stay cool in Rome: 1. Be an early riser-... Read More

The Must to Be Visited Catacombs of Rome

The Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Castel Sant’ Angelo, Ponte Sant’ Angelo, the Pantheon and much more are Rome’s most amazing and the most visited places on the ground. But Rome has something equally exciting beneath which you would not want to miss on your Roman vacation- The Catacombs of Rome. The catacombs are man-made subterranean passageways primarily created to carry out religious activities. Although frightening, the Roman Catacombs are a part of the rich history of Rome and have been very popular with tourists since their... Read More

9 Things Every Woman Should Do in Italy

Visiting piazzas, enjoying the scenic beauty of Rivieras and coastal towns, appreciating the greenery of the amazing gardens, enjoying the delicacies of the Italian cuisine, if that is all you think is about being in Italy for a woman, you are wrong. Italy offers much more to the woman travelers than that typical Italian experience. Italy gives you an opportunity to discover and emancipate the inner woman inside you which probably no other place could. If you are planning to visit Italy this time, on a second honeymoon, or on a romantic trip... Read More