Italy turns out to be a country that holds utter important and spectacular history. The country possesses a number of well-preserved historic sites, which are worth admiring. But, it is surely not possible to visit all of these historic sites in one go! So here are top 5 recommendations of the must-visit historic sites in Italy. Pompeii & Herculaneum The towns were a victim of volcanic eruption that took place due to the Mount Vesuvius blow out in AD 79. Though Pompeii turns out to be a bit more popular, both of the ruined towns... Read More

Top 5 Food Markets in Italy

Italian food turns out to be a work of art and a delicious representation of the culture and traditions. Italians turn out to be very serious about their food and wine and hence they follow a live-to-eat culture. So while you plan your vacation to Italy, make sure that you visit these top food markets to have an essence of Italian cuisine and wine. Mercato Centrale, Bologna Regarded as one of the stars of Italian gourmet’s paradise, Mercato Centrale offers you the finest of olive oils, prosciutto di Parma, balsamic vinegars and some... Read More

5 Italian Islands Which You Must Visit This Vacation!

Italian islands are said to hold a unique character and that is magnificence. Topped with local cuisines, traditions and beautiful dialects, these islands have something special to offer, individually. With beauty in abundance, every traveler will find it hard to choose the best of the islands to pay a visit to. So we save you the efforts and here is a list of 8 amazing islands to you must visit when in Italy. Procida, Gulf of Naples When you consider Gulf of Naples, you will get to witness a number of beautiful things which includes... Read More

Day Trips You Shouldn’t Be Missing Around Rome!!

Rome turns out to be an amazing vacation destination if you are someone who is looking up for some place that has a lot to see and do. The unique historic sites, beautiful vineyards, fabulous coastlines and spectacular scenery will surely add up a lot to your vacation in Rome. You can also check out these amazing trips you can take from the eternal city! Pompeii and Herculaneum Take a day trip to Pompeii and explore some of the world's most fascinating ruins which include the popular death casts, and then you can head to Mt. Vesuvius for... Read More

Upcoming Italian Holidays and Festivals In 2017

Italy has a special way of life! They celebrate each moment so joyously that life of Italians is worth admiring! The country always has something to celebrate. Be it a procession, a festival or an event, you name it and Italy has it! Here are the upcoming events and festivals along with the holidays in the year 2017, in Italy: January: January: Fashion conventions, Florence (hotel prices may increase) February: February 11–28: Carnevale, Venice An annual fest held in Venice, this fest is well known for its elaborate masks,... Read More

Italy: A Marvelous Winter Wonderland in January!

If you are someone who doesn’t mind the cold, January can be a great time for you to travel to Italy! Italy mostly witnesses fewer tourists during January which means that you will get to have an access to less-crowded museums and shorter queues to wait in. Theater season, opera and symphony turn out to be in full swing during this time of the year. January in Italy, in a nutshell: -Loaded with winter sports -Snow-capped mountains and hills -Museums with lesser crowds -Cultural events and performances -Bargains Though you can enjoy... Read More

Italian Traditions For New Year’s Eve

There are reasons why Italy is regarded as one of the most quirkiest countries to celebrate New Year’s Eve! Like every other country, even Italy celebrates this eve to bring in the good luck and banish the bad! In case you turn out to be someone who shall be in Italy this New Year’s eve, then you should surely check out these traditions there! Red Underwear Right after Christmas, you will witness shops displaying red underthings for both, men and women! People in Italy have a tradition of wearing red underwear because it is supposed... Read More

10 Amazing Christmas Markets in Italy

Christmas markets in Italy are popular among the locals and the visitors from all over the world! The markets here assure you a lot jungle bells and a very Merry Christmas! Check out these 10 amazing Christmas markets in Italy that you shouldn’t miss this Christmas! The market in Merano, South Tyrol The market here offers a unique twist that includes a blend of mulled wines, oodles of festive cheer and some magnificent Christmas gifts! Try out ice-skating and even enjoy the figure skating shows as you enter this market! Complement... Read More

Dangerous Roads in Italy!

Italy is a country with a scenic beauty loaded magnificently. Yet, it has some dangerous roads that can simply prove to be a great trigger for your adrenalin rush and doze of adventure! Check them out but make sure you accompany an experienced driver to explore these dangerously beautiful roads!! The Stelvio Pass Located at an elevation of 2.757 m (9,045 feet), this is a high mountain pass that sits dangerously in the Ortler Alps in Italy between Stilfs in South Tyrol and Bormio in the province of Sondrio. Loaded with elating... Read More

4 Things You Should Surely Buy From Italy

When it comes to classy souvenir shopping, Italy won’t disappoint you! Italy is full of popular markets, flagship stores, local specialty foods and finest handmade goods that are superior in quality! In case you still aren’t aware of the apt places that will let you hop on some of the most authentic Italian souvenirs, then here are the top souvenirs from Italy and the places where you’d find them!! The Florence Leather Florence has been offering a share of 35% of national leather production and is considered to be the best place... Read More