Places In Italy That You Can’t Miss

Among all the European destinations, Italy certainly features among the first five for its sophisticated culture, delicious world-famous cuisine, Renaissance art, vineyards, fashionistas and architectural prowess. All of these make Italy a perfect travel package for everyone out there! A travel enthusiast can never afford to miss a trip to Italy and a chance to delve into its culturally and intellectually rich society. When in Italy, these are the places that you shouldn’t miss at all! Venice For all romantic couples out... Read More

How To Enjoy Aperitivo Like An Italian

Italy is known for its famous festivals and seasonal eating and as a relaxation spot. Aperitivo is a traditional Italian drink or a light meal that is usually taken before a meal as it enhances your appetite. It can be observed like a custom and is a regarded habit in Italy. You can almost find it in all cities and towns. If you visit Italy and miss the Aperitivo you are definitely missing the quintessential cultural expressions the nation has to offer. Aperitivo Aperitivo or the French word aperitif is derived from the Latin verb aperire... Read More

The Best Things To Do In Rome

As the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” If you are travelling to this historic and beautiful location for your next vacation, you want to be sure to include all of the sights, sounds, and experiences you can on your to-do list. From must-see tourist sites, to the best places for dining and entertainment, Rome has something to offer everyone. In addition to the most famous sites, such as the Colosseum and St. Peter’s Basilica, visitors flock to the Fontana di Trevi and Piazza di Spagna to connect with the rich history... Read More

Top Reasons To Visit Italy In May!

The month of May turns out to be quite reliable to pay a visit to Italy. Weather, happens to be highly favorable and pleasant. Top this pleasant weather with dozens of events, fests and festivals, and here you have a perfect blend of all the delights you are likely to witness during the month of May in Italy. Weather of Italy in May This month is regarded as the month of roses in Italy. The country side during this month is in the bloom and it turns out to be a true feast of nature. Though the weather is warm, you will witness a lot of... Read More

5 False Roman Colosseum Facts You Believed

It remains an undisputed fact that the Roman Colosseum turns out to be one the most ancient monuments of the world, and it holds the capacity of attracting approximately 6 million visitors, annually. However, it is a surprising fact that this ancient monument has a lot of myths and rumors associated with it. Some derived out of misconception while others were simply what hear say could provide you with! Below are 5 biggest misconceptions that are callously associated with Roman Colosseum. Have a look: 1. A thumbs down by the Emperor... Read More

5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Incredible Florence Duomo

Florence tends to hold up Italy’s finest blend of history, culture and art. Florence is a city that holds scenic beauty to the core, yet there’s something that sits above all that this city has to offer to its visitors. Rising above all the masterpieces is the colossal Florence Duomo. An enormous red-tiled dome – the biggest brick and mortar dome in the world, is regarded as a symbol of the unbelievably prolific fanciful culture that has outlined the city for more than 500 years. Long back in 13th century, the construction of... Read More

Celebrate Spring in Italy!

Italy never fails to disappoint anyone with it’s stunning beauty and picturesque beauty. And to top it all, springs in Italy are a boon. So, if you are planning to visit Italy during the springtime, here are 6 places that will leave you with some gorgeous views of verdant landscapes in Italy. Have a look: The Dolomites This place is popularly known for hiking in summer and skiing during the winters. But, springtime witnesses beautiful flowers, hike-favorable environment, vibrant greenery and a trace of snow capped mountains. Ravello, on... Read More

5 Italian Delicacies You Cannot Afford To Miss Out!

Italy is famous for its eats. Every time you visit this beautiful country, you realize that there are infinite number of Italian dishes which cannot fit in the finite amount of space available in your stomach. There are dishes that turn out to be a must try to rejuvenate all your taste buds and then there are regional specialties topped with seasonal delicacies. Go on considering the drinks and the desserts and you will realize that the bucket list of Italian food you wanted to try just seems to be unending. You would probably need multiple... Read More

What You Need To Know If You Are Visiting Italy In March!

March turns out to be a very comfortable month when it comes to visiting Italy. It is that month of the year that still possesses Italy’s spring shoulder and hence turns out to be an excellent time to visit the country. The tourist numbers aren’t much high which means you have a plenty of room for a peaceful Italian vacation. Italy will turn out to be a bit chilly and damp at some places. But, you can save a lot over your pockets if you visit in March and you can also avoid the crowd and queues outside the famous spots. Weather in... Read More

Updates You Need To Consider Before Visiting Italy!

Italy is known to have a diverse culture, with variations on full swing. The infrastructure, the culture, heritage, cuisines and the people, every element of this beautiful country is worth admiring! Whenever you plan to visit this amazing country, make sure that you have hired city tour operators like Benvenuto Limos and are also aware of the updates that consider the infrastructure and sight-seeing venues of Italy. Security is being triggered up in Florence, especially if you are planning to visit renowned museums like Accademia, Uffizi... Read More