The 10 Best Cafés in Amalfi: A Guide For Coffee Lovers

The 10 Best Cafés in Amalfi: A Guide For Coffee Lovers

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Amalfi, located along Italy’s gorgeous coastline, is a lovely town noted for its quaint streets, historical sites, and spectacular views of the Mediterranean.

Beyond its visual appeal, Amalfi boasts a vibrant café culture that makes it a paradise for coffee enthusiasts. Whether you’re local from Italy or a tourist, exploring Amalfi cafes is a must for anyone looking to savor the rich flavors and warm atmosphere that Italian cafés offer.

In this guide, we will take you through the top 10 must-visit cafés in Amalfi, ensuring that your coffee experience is as memorable as the town itself.

1. Pasticceria Napoli

Pasticceria Napoli is a beloved gem in Amalfi, celebrated for its mouth-watering pastries and rich, aromatic coffee. This café offers a delightful blend of Italian and Neapolitan cuisine, making it an ideal spot for a sumptuous breakfast or a relaxing drink.

A menu that caters to vegetarian preferences ensures that every guest feels welcomed. The café has a full bar and is wheelchair accessible, making it ideal for all visitors.

Whether you choose to dine in and enjoy the cozy seating or opt for takeout, Pasticceria Napoli promises a genuine Italian café experience. The friendly staff and charming ambiance make it a must-visit spot for anyone exploring Amalfi.

2. Punto Ristoro Il Caffè degli Dei

Punto Ristoro Il Caffè degli Dei, located along the Path of the Gods, offers more than simply a rest stop; it also gives a gourmet experience filled with local delicacies.

This café is perfect for those who appreciate a mix of traditional Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, with a menu featuring fresh, daily selected products.

Guests can relish a variety of feasts throughout the day, from breakfast to dinner, alongside draft beers and expertly crafted cocktails. The café also serves delicious yogurt and their renowned coffee cream, catering to both vegan and vegetarian diets.

With features like takeout, reservations, and wheelchair accessibility, Punto Ristoro Il Caffè degli Dei ensures a comfortable and inclusive dining experience, making it an essential stop for hikers and casual visitors alike.

3. Posides

Posides offers a quintessential Italian café experience with a focus on fresh, local ingredients. This charming café serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, making it a versatile spot for any meal of the day.

Guests can enjoy a broad scope of options, from hearty meals to lighter, health-conscious choices. Posides is known for its homemade gelato, an excellent pleasure to enjoy while soaking up the beautiful Amalfi scenery.

The café is vegetarian-friendly, with vegan and gluten-free alternatives available, so everyone can find something tasty to eat.

With its welcoming atmosphere, alcohol service, and excellent table service, Posides stands out as a delightful spot to de-stress and savor the flavors of the Amalfi Coast.

4. Bar Pizzeria – Da Nando

Bar Pizzeria – Da Nando combines the best of Italian café culture with fast food convenience. Open from early morning until late at night, this café-pizzeria serves a variety of meals, including breakfast, brunch, and dinner.

It is especially known for its pizzas, available for lunch on select days and featuring a special whole wheat option on Friday evenings. Bar Pizzeria – Da Nando caters to an ample variety of food preferences, including vegetarian and vegan dishes.

The café offers takeout, reservations, and outdoor seating, making it a flexible choice for any dining occasion. Additional amenities such as free off-street parking, free Wi-Fi, and television ensure a comfortable and enjoyable visit for all guests.

5. Pasticceria Bar Romano

Pasticceria Bar Romano is a classic Italian café that captures the essence of Neapolitan and Southern Italian culinary traditions. This café is a popular breakfast spot, offering a variety of delicious pastries and rich, flavorful coffee.

The vegetarian-friendly menu ensures that all guests can find something to enjoy. Pasticceria Bar Romano provides a range of services, including delivery, takeout, and reservations, making it a convenient choice for any occasion.

With wheelchair accessibility and a full bar service, this café is well-equipped to accommodate all visitors, ensuring a pleasant and inclusive dining experience.

6. Zero Healthy Bar & Poke

Zero Healthy Bar & Poke brings a modern twist to the traditional Italian café with its focus on healthy and delicious options.

As the first healthy bar in Salerno, it offers a wide range of nutritious choices, including poke bowls, salad bowls, acai bowls, avocado toast, smoothies, and cold-pressed juices. Specialty coffees and matcha lattes are also popular offerings.

With a commitment to providing vegetarian-friendly and vegan options, Zero Healthy Bar & Poke ensures that health-conscious diners can enjoy a satisfying meal.

The café features delivery, takeout, and reservations, as well as outdoor seating and free Wi-Fi. Dog-friendly and non-smoking, it is a welcoming spot for everyone, promoting a healthy but indulgent dining experience.

7. Casa e Bottega

Casa e Bottega offers fresh, healthy options for breakfast and lunch. Known for its homemade cakes, 100% natural ice cream, and fruit juices, this café is a haven for health-conscious diners.

The café doubles as a design store, selling fine dishes, glasses, and ceramics, all made in Italy. With vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, it caters to diverse diets.  No reservations are required; simply stroll in and enjoy the easygoing, pleasant ambiance.

8. Amato Caffe’

Amato Caffe’ is a cozy spot offering a classic Italian café experience. Known for its vegan options, it’s a great place to start your day with a delicious breakfast.

The café features outdoor seating, perfect for enjoying the Amalfi weather, and provides a full bar service. Whether you choose to dine in or take out, Amato Caffe’ ensures a pleasant and satisfying visit.

9. Caffetteria 2000

Caffetteria 2000 serves as a perfect late-night café stop. Offering a variety of Italian and café cuisine, it’s an ideal spot for breakfast or a drink.

With services like takeout and a full bar, this café accommodates both quick stops and leisurely visits. The friendly and efficient service makes Caffetteria 2000 a must-visit for coffee lovers exploring Amalfi.

10. Bar Pizzeria – Da Nando

Bar Pizzeria – Da Nando combines café culture with a fast-food twist. Open from morning until late night, it serves a variety of meals, including breakfast, brunch, and dinner.

Known for its pizzas, available for lunch on select days, it offers vegetarian and vegan options. The café features takeout, outdoor seating, free parking, Wi-Fi, and more, making it a versatile choice for any dining occasion.

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