Rules of Eating Italian Food

Rules of Eating Italian Food

When you go to Italy, keep in mind that Italians are not only particular about their food culture, but they are also concerned about their eating habits. They stick to some eating rules that they had been working for centuries and save themselves from any embarrassment. Let’s have a look at some of the food rules in Italy and proceed with caution:

Don’t ask for Parmesan Cheese with Main Course

Parmesan Cheese with pasta

When you are in Italy, you would surely like to gorge yourself on Parmesan cheese. But, it doesn’t go well in the eyes of Italians when you consume it with your main course meal. Your main course meal is already filled with varied flavors, and a bite of cheese can overwhelm the taste of certain dishes; so, Italians think that its use should be restricted to pasta and risotto only.

Avoid Asking for Cappuccino After Midday

Cappuccino or caffe latte

Cappuccino or caffe latte are breakfast drinks are taken in the morning, which is heavy on the stomach. These drinks come in ample quantity and volume that they suffice. It makes you feel energetic and full for the day; so, the morning is generally viewed as apt timing to consume cappuccino.

In case you drink cappuccino, you would surely make yourself look like you are not a native of Italy. However, you can insist on adding a little milk in espresso when you order it around midday.

Warning for the Tea Drinkers

lemon tea

When it comes to drinking hot drinks with meals, it’s a big NO in Italy. In other countries such as India, you can ask for a mug of tea or coffee with fried breakfast, but this is not the case with Italians. Italians follow British rules when it comes to serving hot drinks, and they generally serve it with lemon and not milk. It is not preferred with breakfast or any other meal.

Bread with Pasta is a No-No


Italians prefer eating fresh bread, and they generally make it when guests come. They prefer eating bread when the pasta is gone from the table, and if you order bread with any of these, you will look like a tourist. Moreover, if you need bread with pasta, it is only allowed when the last bite is left and to wipe the sauce from the plate. Also, you should not order milk or sodas with bread unless you have a child with you. In case you are eating bread at lunchtime, you can surely order a soda.

Wine Rules that You Shouldn’t Break

 red and white wine

Traditionally there were two types of wines, namely red and white. White wine generally goes well with fish, while red wine goes with meat. White wines are generally served chilled in narrow glasses while red wine is served in large glasses at room temperature. The reason behind serving red wine in broad glasses is that there are a lot of air bubbles when you pour the wine in a glass, and they need space to settle down. However, this is not the case with white wine. It is mild and can be served in narrow glasses. You can enjoy watching small bubbles rising on top.

When it comes to traveling Italy, food is an integral part of Italian culture. I hope this food rules will help you to be more Italian. If you had been to Italy ever, tell us what special food rules you encountered.

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