Discover the Hidden Secrets of Milan

Discover the Hidden Secrets of Milan

Milan is regarded as the capital city of business and fashion, but its majestic ambiance also reveals some hidden gems under the deep roots of art and fashion. From a secret listener to a serene secret garden, the city is full of secrets, and there is so much in Milan other than sightseeing that can be felt and sensed. Here is the curated list of the best-kept secrets in Milan, Italy:

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vineyard

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vineyard in Milan

Who doesn’t know Leonardo Da Vinci? The Italian Renaissance genius, named after him the 500-year-old vineyard is situated in the middle of the city. However, the original vineyard of Leonardo, which is located in the courtyard of the House of Atellani, Corso Magenta, is still intact. Visiting the vineyards is slightly difficult if you manage to reach the garden, it takes you back to 1490 when it was planted.

The Mystical Tarot

The mystical tarot fascinated people with its captivating images. During the 15th Century, when some of the most popular ‘tarocchi’ card designs first appeared, became popular amongst the Milanese aristocracy. Some of the small fortunes commissioning artists used to make them. One such artist is Il Menghello, who has kept the tradition intact and is still carrying the legacy. He owns a fascinating shop in Via Botelli Giuseppe 2. The shop is dedicated to the art of designing the famous “tarocchi.”

Silent Zone of “House of the Ear”

The bronze ear in milan

“House of the Ear” situated away from all the city hustle feels calm and quiet. This is the reason it is referred to as the silent zone. The bronze ear was sculpted in 1930, which is based on the early intercom design. The idea behind the sculpture was inviting guests who would shout to announce their arrival at Casa Sola-Busca, instead of knocking on the door. It is one of the hidden secrets of Milan that intrigues people with its design as they don’t get to see such a giant ear beside a front door.

Palazzo Lombardia

Palazzo Lombardia in Milan

It is another secret of Milan; however, the skyscraper may not seem so, but it holds a surprise for you. A few know that you get an opportunity to visit the 39th floor every Sunday between 10 am and 6 pm. Here you would get to see the spectacular skylines, which is a whole new experience in itself that thrills you.

Casa Dal Verme

Casa Dal Verme courtyard in Milan

Built-in the 15th Century, Casa Dal Verme on Via Puccini is one of the finest courtyards. It is located in front of the Teatro Dal Verme, near the Sforzesco Castle.
Visiting this place is quite troublesome but not impossible, try contacting the one who owns the place.

Church of Bones

The church of San Bernardino in Milan

The church of San Bernardino, also known as “Church of Bones”, was built in 1269. It is located next to a room where the bones from dall’antistante cemetery were used to be kept. However, the cemetery later became an ossuary.

The inside of the ossuary is quite impressive. The walls are almost covered with skulls and bones. From niches to ledges and pillars to doors, every inch of the ossuary is covered with bones. Another exciting encounter that surrounds the bonny chapel is, once John V, the King of Portugal, visited the chapel, and he was so mesmerized with the design that he decided to build a replica in Lisbon.

Now you can understand that skulls and bones are not always scary, but they can be a great sight, which may leave you amazed.

Cascina Cuccagna- A Beautiful Respite

Built-in the 17th-century, Cascina Cuccagna is a beautiful respite from the overwhelming rush of city life. It was originally a farmhouse that has turned into a public space. The farmhouse has it all that suffices the need for different events. It includes a restaurant, self-service bar, vegetable garden, hostel, bike, and whatnot. The place allows you to tear down the cobwebs of your mind and unwind a little. The moment you enter the secret garden, you leave all your worries and let go of the life business!

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Milan, known to be a fashion capital and Italian economic engine, hides a lot of secrets under its surface. Here you will find roads, monuments, spaces and buildings that are standing for ages. As you look upon these significant landmarks, each one of these tells a different tale of the historical times. Going towards the hidden secrets of Milan, you may explore many places that most of the tourists usually ignore. So, get in your comfy shoes and start walking, we are there to help you to discover the secrets of Milan. Book your tours with us

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