6 Reasons To Visit Italy in Spring

6 Reasons To Visit Italy in Spring

Visit Italy in Spring

Italy can be visited any time in the year, the mesmerizing landscapes, the taste of history, splendid architecture, breathtaking artwork and splendid culture of the country makes it anytime travel destinations. Although, every wine has a different glass that is so designed that the wine touches the right spot on the tongue to give you the best taste and so Italy also has a specific time to be visited to get the best experience.


“Spring”—is the best time to visit Italy, one should visit the picturesque, sculpturesque, statuesque and moresque Italy.

Read on, why you would plan an Italian visit this spring.

It’s Spring!

Spring Season In Italy

Spring is the season of newness and blooming life. It brings a new life to all the flora around us and once again a new lifecycle starts. With that spring brings a lot of enthusiasm, positivity, liveliness, and vivaciousness.


Weather - Spring Season in Italy

An Italian proverb—Aprile non ti scoprire says it all. It means- it is April and doesn’t underdress yet. Spring in Italy the weather is pleasant, although you may witness a shower and sometimes even snowfall in early spring. But the fact remains that Italy gets its least rainfall in the spring. The maximum average temperature is about 25℃ and minimum average doesn’t go below 5℃.


Gardens - Spring Season in Italy

Italy is a country of beautiful gardens. There are gardens in every part of the country, be it the Florentine north, Roman central or Sicilian south. Some open only in spring and some are open round the year. Whatever the case may be, the best time to visit them is springtime. The blossoming flowers of varied genera and the beautiful flora are a delight to watch.

Spring Festivals

Italians celebrate the spring season on a massive scale. There are various spring festivals which take place across Italy like- The Easter week (29th March-01st April in Rome and Florence), Festa San Marco (11th and 12th May in Venice), Sagra del Pesce (12th May in Camogli, Portofino) and Infiorata di Noto (12th May-20th June in Sicily). You can witness these splendid spring festivals and parades in whichever location you are, the season should be spring.

All you!

Italy in Spring Season

Ask a tourist what he/she wants the most on a trip, and you are likely to get these two answers; it should be cheap and less crowded. Yes, Italy in spring is exactly the same. Most of the tourist influx comes in the subsequent season—summer, and so, you would find cheaper stay options and much less crowd so you could enjoy more with your company.

Spring food

Spring Season in Italy Food

One reason a place is visited in a specific season is the availability of the seasonal foods. Spring has its own delicacies in Italy. Artichoke is one such food items which are a kind of thistle that is cultivated as a food in Italy. A popular dish Carciofi Romaneschi (Roman Artichoke) is made from this species of thistle. There are other fruits like cherries, lemons, strawberries, and tomatoes which are very common in spring.

As such Italy is scenic throughout the year yet the best time to travel to Italy is springtime. So this spring plan an Italian holiday and witness the magic of spring in Italy and the magic of Italy in spring.

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