Harvest Season In Tuscany- Spending Good Time Outdoors

Harvest Season In Tuscany- Spending Good Time Outdoors

Are you ready for un’abbondante Vendemmia?

If you are planning to visit Tuscany, autumn is believed to be the best time. But why? Especially if you are a photographer, it’s a great time as the scenic beauty of Tuscany peaks at this time of the year. The searing hot weather becomes milder, the colours of autumn awaken, the grape leaves turn gold, then russet, and the view turns panoramic.

The Tuscan harvest seems to be one of the most appealing harvests of the year as the country’s most popular food and drinks are produced here. Well, if you plan your trip the right way you would get an opportunity to witness the harvest season and could take delight in the great Tuscan days.

Participating in the grape harvest in Tuscany

How to participate in the grape harvest?

grape harvest in Tuscany

Get along and make friends with a farmer, yes, it works! To take delight in the aroma of fruiting berries of the woody vines, be on an outdoor tour. According to law, only contracted and insured workers can work in the vineyards and fields. Well, if you are fortunate enough, vineries might let you pick some grapes for yourself.

When is the harvesting season in Tuscany?

 olives harvest in tuscany

An exact date cannot be predicted for the harvesting season in Tuscany, as a lot more depends on the weather during the previous year. But, the late September to mid-October is the time for the Tuscan Vendemmia.

Olives are harvested from October to December. The Tuscan olive oil has a unique peppery taste that comes from the region that Tuscans are proud of. Now, to experience this unique taste the harvesting period generally begins at the end of September. If they are harvested earlier, it implies that the olives are still raw and will not produce more oil.

What else is harvested in Tuscany?

pumpkin harvest in tuscany

Apart from olives and grape harvest in Tuscany, it has a lot left on the platter to be harvested which includes: truffles, porcini, chestnuts, and pumpkins. 

Restaurants tend to offer specialties highlighting the newly harvested foods during the Italian Vendemmia. Porcini risotto, pumpkin ravioli, pasta al Tartufo and dishes with wild boar are some of the highly recommended foods.

Roasted chestnuts are another gustatory delight that people snack on while strolling around. Generally, street vendors sell them in convenient little paper cones for easy snacking.

Are there harvest celebrations?

wine festival in tuscany

Harvesting season in Tuscany is the most awaited one and celebrating it with the locals adds more joy and authentic touch to your good times.

In the heart of the Chianti region, there is an annual wine festival celebrated in the city of Greve. It’s a four-day festival that usually takes place early in September. You get to taste up to eight wines from all of the options that are offered at the Festa as you purchase a glass of wine for about 10 Euros.

The International Market and Fair of the White Truffle in Alba is one of the most popular fairs. The fair takes place in the Piedmont region of Italy that lasts for eight weeks. Many harvested delicacies like wine, pasta, cheese, mushrooms, and chestnuts are offered at the fest along with the truffles.

bring back olive oil as a souvenir!

As you head to Montemurlo (Prato), just 30 kilometres outside Florence, olive harvest awaits you in November. Here you get to taste different types of oil before you arrive on the decision as to which one to take as a souvenir.

Where to stay to see the harvest?

Base yourself near the harvesting season!

villas in tuscany

The renowned property in the Val d’Orcia has several Italy Perfect villas on the La Foce estate. Here you will get to see how locals maneuver olive harvesting the traditional way — by hand. The estate offers special tasting dinners that feature the olive oil varieties which include accommodations such as Ronda, Tiglio, and Vespa.  Montepulciano, famous for its Vino Nobile is also near the estate. Bravio delle Botti (wine barrel race) is one of the exciting events that the town hosts.

Moreover, there are stunning properties in the heart of the Chianti region. Villa Amata is one of those beautiful properties that claim to sleep up to 16 people and is just a 15-minute drive from Florence. Castello Niccolo is a thousand-year-old castle that is surrounded by Torretta and Canonica, the two beautiful farmhouses. Also, to your good luck, the estate has a large pool and its own wine label!

Apart from all these, Florence proves to be an excellent base too for day trips into the countryside as the harvesting season is celebrated here as well. The city claims to have one of the excellent restaurants such as Osteria  Vini e Vecchi Sapori, Brown Sugar, or Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina. Here you can savour all the sumptuous flavours all at once.

Wishing you a happy journey for a great harvesting season in Tuscany!

The Italian Vendemmia has its own significance and the locals experience great elation in the process. The actual harvesting in Tuscany is hard and laborious which in itself makes the whole experience worthwhile.

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