Italy’s ’10 Best’ Pizza Must Try Once in a Lifetime

Italy’s ’10 Best’ Pizza Must Try Once in a Lifetime

best pizza in italy

Italian cuisine is incomplete without its beloved originality, pizza! In Italy, pizza is the heart of the cuisine, and for Italians, it is a much-loved delight. From traditional Italian pizzas like Margherita to a fluffy pizza topped with mouth-watering combinations, there are plenty of variants to choose from in Italy. 

But when in Italy, choosing the best pizzeria will put you in a dilemma as there are endless pizza spots in Italy. If you don’t want to get lost looking for the best pizza in Italy in the middle, read below. Here is a list of some of the best pizza places in Italy serving the best, heavenly Italian pizzas.

1. Pizzarium, Rome

The pizza of Gabriele Bonci is incomparable, just like the art of Michelangelo. He’s been christened as the Michelangelo of pizza, which converts the pizza into art with creative flavors and toppings like no other.

The Roman-style pizza al taglio (pan pizza by the slice) makes Pizzarium in Rome an amazing spot for pizza lovers. After entering the pizzeria, you will be excited and enticed to see the amazing and unimaginable topping combinations. You get a variety of options to choose from, including vegan and vegetarian pizzas.

Every pizza at Pizzarium is one of the best pizzas in Italy, made with organic wheat flour. The dough is made soft and is slow-leavened for getting the perfect crunch. The toppings of the pizzas are fresh, seasoned, and locally sourced.

Once baked in a wood-fired oven, the pizza is cut into rectangular slices. You can easily take along or enjoy yourself outside the pizzeria.

2. Starita, Naples

If you wish to tantalize your taste buds with the best yet classic traditional Italian pizza of all time, Starita is a must-visit in Naples. You might notice a long queue, but trust us, the treat will be worth the wait. Before being topped with mozzarella, sauce, and other fresh toppings, the pizza dough is deep-fried and baked in the oven for a creamy and crunchy effect. That’s what makes the Starita’s pizza an incredible one and the one you will not get anywhere else.

3. Santarpia, Florence

Situated right behind the Sant’ambrogio Market, Santarpia serves authentic and best Italian pizzas with carefully sourced ingredients and, according to the process of the top-notch pizzaiolo, Giovanni Santarpia. 

At Santarpia, one of Florence’s best pizzeria, experience the classic Italian pizzas with excellent, flavorful toppings like mozzarella and ricotta, lemon and parsley pesto, luxurious burrata and truffle, and many more. Even a simple traditional Italian pizza, Margherita tastes heavenly, as the crust of the pizzas makes them amazing. The dough is left out for 48 hours, which results in an exceptionally light, crispy, puffy, and airy pizza base.

But make sure to book a table well in advance, as it is really hard to grab a spot in the pizzeria.

4. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Naples

One of the oldest pizzerias in Naples, Italy, with basic decor, no reservation policy, and a two-pizza menu. Yes, you heard it right. The pizzeria offers only two authentic traditional Italian pizzas of all time, Marinara and Margherita. You can relish the fresh and original pizza flavors at the pizzeria.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele has been a go-to place for the locals for years. Even Julia Roberts visited the place in “Eat, Pray, Love”. So be patient for your turn, and once you are in, be thankful because it is not easy to get in.

5. La Gatta Mangiona, Rome

La Gatta Mangiona, a cat-themed pizzeria, is a famous foodie spot that offers the best pizzas in Italy. The pizzas are a fusion of both Roman and Neapolitan styles – crispy, thick, and chewy. Every Italian pizza is topped with seasonal and simple toppings. You will also find options for unusual pizza topping combinations at the pizzeria, like buffalo mozzarella with spicy salami and other elements? The type of Italian pizza with interesting toppings will live long in your memory once you taste it.

6. I Tigli, Verona

Experience the best pizza in Italy at I Tigli, Verona. The dough’s well-risen, consistency, and digestibility make the perfect base, and the toppings of these Italian pizzas seem like a real dish. The toppings are luxurious specialties such as lobster and caviar. These types of Italian pizzas are truly a pleasure in your palate, as they are breathtaking in taste, flavor, and texture. 

7. Di Matteo, Naples

Do you know what New York’s 6th street is to Indian food? Just like that, Via dei Tribunali is to Italian pizza. Opened in 1936, Di Matteo is the busiest pizzeria on the street. It serves the most terrific Italian pizzas that would not make you regret spending some euros. 

The fresh, straight out of oven pizza with rich Italian flavors is worth the spending. Make sure you taste the pizza fritta, a popular, deep-fried with ricotta and provolone cheese Italian pizza.

8. Pizzeria Spontini, Milan

Milan is not the pizza hub exactly, but since 1953, Spontini, a tiny pizzeria stop in Stazione Centrale, has been a major crowd-puller. The pizzeria is more of a takeaway spot.  It serves only one traditional Italian pizza, a fluffy Margherita cut in regular or large slices. You can grab it and stroll down the streets of Milan. 

9. Antico Forno, Venice

At Antico Forno in Venice, every single pizza slice is finger-licking delicious. It can truly satiate your heart. You can choose from Roman-style, thin, crispy crust pizza and thick, chewy pizza topped with seasonal ingredients like red cabbage, olives, mushrooms, and many others, along with tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella. You can offer the wood-fired Italian pizza at Antico Forno by the slice. 

10. Arte e Tradizione, Palermo

Do you like spongy crusts? Arte e Tradizione would serve you with the best of it. The dough is left for a long time and cooked for upto 90 seconds. You get the classical toppings on the pizzas that you would relish for a lifetime.

When in Italy, Traveling to These Italian Pizzerias Will Be As Effortless As Having a Pizza Bite With Us…

Tasting the Italian pizzas will surely make your heart happy. When in Italy, not just the luscious Italian pizzas in these amazing pizzerias, we won’t let you miss anything, be it experiencing beautiful Italy or rich Italian cuisine!

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