Infiorata di Noto: Aesthetic Views at the Flower Festival

Infiorata di Noto: Aesthetic Views at the Flower Festival

Spring in Italy is known for celebrations. When it comes to showcasing art and color, Infiorata festivals take all the limelight, especially “Infiorata di Noto”.

Noto, a small province at Syracuse in the south of Sicily, is famous for its baroque architecture, lavishly-decorated balconies, and historic churches.

Infiorata di Noto is Italy’s one of the most loved springtime events, a 3-day long celebration in which the streets of Noto get transformed into several pieces of floral artwork. People from all over Italy and other countries come here to celebrate this flower festival.

The History of “Infiorata di Noto”

The “Infiorata” is an Italian tradition in which the streets of the towns are decorated with flower petals in the month of May and June by the local artists. This festival originated in the 13th century. But, the Infiorata tradition we know today started in the 17th century.

One of the popular flower traditions is Italy’s Noto, a UNESCO world heritage site. “Infiorata di Noto” has been celebrated every third weekend of May since 1980, and it’s a celebration of Spring. It’s an opportunity for the local artists to showcase their talent using the best natural materials like flower petals, earth, beans, and sometimes wood cuttings.

“Infiorata di Noto 2022” will take place from 13 to 15 May. The entire town of Noto participates in this occasion. The lifespan of the art is up to 48 hours, so the artists prepare the art on Friday and Saturday and showcase it on Sunday.

What to Expect at this Flower Festival?

The main street of Via Nicolaci is the prime highlight of this celebration. The long cobbled-stone street can be seen covered with mesmerizing flower arts. You can also admire the amazing views of its baroque balconies.

Every year the streets are fully decorated with millions of colorful flower combinations, creating pictures, ornaments, and images. And a large number of visitors walk through the sides of the streets to view the outstanding creativity of the artists.

The Noto city center’s sloped streets give the Infiorata arts a dramatic finish. When you observe the “Infiorata di Noto” festival, you will find it out of the ordinary. It is a combination of art, passion, and tradition. The master florists and their outstanding skills make it possible to create amazing artwork of flowers. The Infiorata di Noto 2022 cannot be missed, especially if you plan to witness the flower festival(s) of Italy this May.

How do the Masters Create the Art for Infiorata di Noto?

There’s a theme given every year to create the art. The masters, along with their volunteers, position each flower and petals in their place according to the theme.

Barricades are placed on the roads while the artists work on their artwork. The road barriers get removed on the first day of the event so that the visitors can view the art. Still, they keep small barricades near the floral displays to keep the wonderful artworks intact.

The Meaning of Infiorata di Noto

The “Infiorata” means “decorated with flowers”, so from the meaning, only you can get the idea that the event is about flowers. Infiorata di Noto is generally celebrated every year from Friday to Sunday.

This Spring season, take a break from all your side hassles and visit Noto to enjoy the wonderful floral art display.

When does it start

The official inauguration takes place on Friday morning. After 5 PM, the masters start decorating their allotted streets, and the people around there enjoy watching their work.

And it takes time for them to finish their artwork. Sometimes the artists work till the next morning. And many people stay awake watching them create their artwork.

On Sunday, the floral displays are open to the public all day. Everyone around there can feel the vibes of celebrations and festivities as they witness the floral work of art. A flag-waver’s parade marches through the streets around 3 PM on the final day. All people taking part in the parade march wear elaborate costumes, and musicians accompany them.

Why Should You Visit and See the Infiorata di Noto festival?

To visit and see the Infiorata di Noto festival, you don’t need to know everything about flowers and plants. The scale and the number of efforts in creating these incredible works of art are enough.

Are you looking for more reasons? Walking into Noto’s historic center is like walking into a real-life museum. Here you can see the ancient beauty of this place. Everything is unique and astonishing, whether it is baroque churches or the Noto Cathedral from the 18th century, located only a few meters apart on Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

Being a viewer, “Infiorata di Noto” is completely a different experience for everyone. It’s not just that you will get Instagram-worthy pictures of yourself. Still, also you will get an experience for a lifetime. It should be on your “not to be missed” list.

Where to stay in Noto, Sicily

While you plan for your trip to Noto to enjoy the flower festival 2022, make sure you also plan where to stay in Noto once the festivities get over.

Heading towards the countryside is always the soundest option when you want to escape the crowd after the flower festival ends.

Glamping in Noto

Only a few miles apart, there are several Glamping sites and Farms where you can stay. As the name suggests, Glamping is glamour and camping with luxurious lodges. You can observe the best Sicilian nature, like the century-old green olive groves, the baroque structure buildings, and more.

You can find many luxurious eco tents equipped with amenities, like a swimming pool, a dining area, and much more.

Conclusion: Calendar of Events To Help You Plan Better

Are you ready to enjoy Infiorata di Noto 2022 this May? You can plan your trip according to the below calendar of events to ensure you don’t miss anything.

13 May, Friday

The winner artists of the floral panel competition will start sketching their future artwork with special chalks on their allotted sector in Via Nicolaci.

14 May, Saturday

The artists will use the specially grown flowers for the festival to cover up their sketched designs on this day. And the artists work till Sunday morning to finish their floral artwork.

15 May, Sunday

Sunday is when the contest will start. The tourists and residents will get the chance to admire the fascinating painting of flowers, which will continue till late evening.

The festivity continues till Monday evening as the travelers and locals enjoy admiring the amazing artwork. The “Infiorata di Noto” ends once removing sag flowers starts.

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