Dining at the Seaside in Rome is Such a Great Pleasure!

Dining at the Seaside in Rome is Such a Great Pleasure!

Italian food is all about ingredients. It’s neither fussy nor fancy but, surely flavourful!

Someone has truly said that there is nothing more romantic than Italian food. It is so conducive that you enjoy every pour of it with a positive tone and celebrate the moment. What about dining at such a fancy place along the seaside?

There is a place named Rome, which is known for its culture, art, history, and delicious food. Gorging on the delicious delicacies under the sun along the seaside while enjoying the lovely weather, feeling the fresh air, and hearing the beautiful sound of waves is an exquisite experience.

Fiumicino, Ostia, and Fregene are the three different areas of the Roman coast which may take around 30-45 minutes to drive depending upon the area from where you are. So a beautiful experience along the seaside is worth the wait!

What to eat and where to eat along the Roman coast?

To savour the best Italian food while seated at a seaside table, many restaurants on the Roman coast offer fresh seafood, relaxed ambience, and respite from a daily rundown in the city. Here are some of the best restaurants for you to beat the heat:

Best Beach Restaurants in Fiumicino

Best Beach Restaurants in rome

Ever imagined a perfect seafood lunch at the seaside? Yes, Fiumicino is the best place to have a seafood lunch while enjoying the beautiful view of the sea. It takes 15 minutes straight from Roma-Fiumicino airport. It is worth if you are seriously looking for an elegant dining room that looks out of a small patio where you can enjoy the serene view of Mediterranean. 

Well, luckily there is Gino a Porto Romano in Fiumicino stands close to your imagination. Located right next to Porto Romano Yacht Club, it offers what you desire for. As you plan to dine here, make sure you reserve your spot in the outdoor patio and the tuna tartare or the octopus salad as an appetizer are a must to try out. You will surely get the delicious food while enjoying a sip of the fine wine from their quality wine selection.

Best Beach Restaurants in Ostia

Best Beach Restaurants in rome

Located in the south of Rome, Ostia is the place with one of the best restaurants and beach clubs. It is also one of the best places to have a delightful lunchtime for a sunny day or any romantic outing which is perfect in its way. Fortunately, there is a restaurant in Ostia named La Vecchia Pineta, which is known for its beautiful outdoor veranda where you can enjoy looking at the pristine blue waves overlapping each other in the Mediterranean. 

From their delicious delicacies, appetizers such as baby squids with balsamic vinegar reduction and leek straw are great to try out. Also, the black fettuccine with veracious clams pumpkin flowers as a first course and the juicy turbot with roasted potatoes as a second course.

Best Beach Restaurants in Fregene

Best Beach Restaurants in rome

Famous for its Roman summer retreat, Fregene is located to the north of Fiumicino and Ostia. Along with the tastiest meals, it’s great to spend some happy hours of the day. Well, there is a restaurant named Il Sogno Del Mare which is not as fancy as the above two but, the food served here is great in taste which doesn’t give us a chance to envy over the ambience and looks of the restaurant. 

From the delicacies, salmon tartare, the shrimp tartare with stracciatella cheese, and fried squids, and calamari are a great way to satiate your taste buds. Moreover, you can enjoy a glass of exquisite wine under the sun while admiring the rich golden beautiful sand at the beach.

A Gastronomical Delight for the Gourmands!

Best Beach Restaurants in italy

Do what Italians do, book your seats at the seaside table, soak your feet in the golden sand, enjoy the fresh seafood, and sip on the finest wines. Book a table at the seaside from morning to dusk and enjoy a day full of merrymaking with your loved ones! 

Mark Rome at the top of your bucket list travels like it draws its travellers with its stunning landscapes and picturesque scenery, it attracts gourmands for the food that you will never leave without trying it for once.

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