Calm Your Coronavirus Fear with 5 Safety Tips

Calm Your Coronavirus Fear with 5 Safety Tips

Italy is one of the 80 nations that are facing the massive impacts of the Corona Virus. The news of casualties may scare you to postpone or cancel your next trip but here are 5 safety tips, if you are reluctant to travel. With these tips, you can prevent this deadly virus to a larger extent and enjoy your vacation.

Sick? Stay at home!

Corona virus safety tips

If you have cough, fever and any other symptoms resembling Corona Virus, then we recommend that you must avoid traveling anywhere, and should stay at home. Even, the airlines are checking the passengers isolating any that they suspect to be sick. You may not be suffering from Corona Virus but taking precautionary steps in any kind of sickness and staying home will help you to recover quickly and enjoy better.

Wash Your Hands Often

Corona virus safety tips

When out, you touch a lot of surfaces, unknowingly or knowingly, which may be infected/contaminated due to some patient’s contact. So it is advisable that you wash your hands often and must use a sanitizer. No matter how schoolish it may sound, it is crucial to keep you healthy.

Wear a Mask

Corona virus safety tips

The mask works as a protective shield and prevents germs and viruses from entering your body through nose or mouth. So, in case an infected person sneeze or cough around you, you will not be prone to the virus traveling through the tiny droplets.

Avoid Touching Your Nose and Mouth

It is believed that Coronavirus spreads faster when you touch your mouth and nose. Supposedly if you touch a contaminated surface with bare hands while traveling or commuting in a city, you may get the virus and they will remain unless you wash them away. So, make sure you don’t touch your nose and mouth often, in fact, it is highly suggested to be careful of not doing so even while adjusting your mask.

Don’t Indulge in Large Public Gatherings

Corona virus safety tips

Public places are open and widely accessible. All kinds of people can use these places. If there is even a single patient who accesses such a place only once, still there would be a threat of getting Corona for the next 8-10 days. And everyone coming in the vicinity can get it. So it is best recommended to avoid visiting any large gatherings. If important, then the necessary measures must be taken.

Maintain a Safe Distance

Corona virus safety tips

When a person in your close vicinity appears to be ill, avoid getting in contact with them. You must avoid attending any event or hanging out with them. No matter how hard but it is also necessary to avoid inviting them to any of your parties or social gatherings. You are advised to avoid being together socially with any such sick person as they can infect both the environment and things around them for a prolonged duration.

These steps aren’t gonna guarantee the protection from Corona Virus, still, they are going to come quite handy to keep you educated to identify the places and symptoms you must look for. A little attention here and there can make your trip safe, healthy and happy.

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