Be a Part of the World Famous 2022 Venice Carnival

Be a Part of the World Famous 2022 Venice Carnival

Venice Carnival 2022

It goes without saying that Venice is a dream to be in, but Venice during the carnival is completely magical. The energy, the enthusiasm, the vibe, and the jubilation of the Venice carnival is in the air of the city. 

Venice carnival is a grand two-week-long celebration, held prior to Lent every year. It is the time when the city is in its best form, and people light up in a celebration mood. The carnival is packed with a plethora of entertainment, from parades to magnificent balls and parties. People flock around the city in fancy costumes, transforming the city into magic. 

Though the tradition of carnival is centuries old, but still today, it has the same magical atmosphere and will surely have forever. Every year, it attracts millions of tourists around the world. 

This is not it about this huge extravaganza in Venice. Read further to discover everything from history to tips to participate in the carnival if you are planning to visit Venice Carnival! 

A Brief History of The Carnival Of Venice, Italy 

The carnival of Venice is one of the most famous and oldest carnivals globally. The carnival tradition began back in 1162 to celebrate the victory of Venice over the Patriarch of Aquileia (ancient Roman city). The streets of Venice lit up in celebration. Venetians gathered at St Mark’s Square, which is the city’s main point, and started to dance and celebrate the victory. 

This tradition carried on for several centuries until Venice came under the rule of Francis II – the Holy Roman Emperor. The Venice carnival and use of masks was banned in 1797. 

After that, the festival reappeared in the 19th century for a brief period but in a completely different form. There was nothing like a grand celebration back then as it is today. It lacked huge public displays and festivities. 

However, in 1979, the Italian government decided to bring back the tradition & culture of Venice. Ever since then, the carnival of Venice has grown into the most popular celebration in the world and tourist attraction of Venice, Italy. 

What To Do During This  Magical Festival In Venice? 

During the carnival, the view is worth dying for. The city’s streets are filled with masqueraders dressed in over-the-top masks and costumes. Walk around the streets to admire their gorgeous costumes and watch street performances. You can even greet & pose for a photo with the characters in masks or dress up fancily and be a part of the celebration yourself. 

Carnival of Venice has got so much for your entertainment. Extravagant balls, private parties, opera, concerts, historical shows & re-enactments, numerous parades, theater performances, comedy shows, live music, and so much more. You can go pub crawling, relish upon some delicious Italian cuisine, or simply explore the city’s ancient sights. 

Top Things To Do & See At The 2022 Carnival In Venice

Attend A Grand Masquerade Ball 

When at the carnival of Venice, do not miss attending the Casanova Grand Ball at the jaw-dropping Palazzo  Zeno. The ball is truly the soul and one of the most anticipated events of the Venice carnival. 

Sumptuous food, world-class entertainment, live performances & DJ are just a few of the many highlights of this lavish masquerade ball in the Venice carnival. 

Go On a Venice Carnival Pub Crawl 

While the daytime is the best to see the masquerades, the night in the carnival is no less. Dress your best and go for a pub crawl to explore the best bars in Venice. Carnival pub-crawling is a centuries-old Venetian tradition. During the carnival, the Venetians move from bar to bar at night, enjoy Venetian tapas, drink exotic wine and socialize. 

Binge On Lots of Delicious Food At The Carnival 

Tantalize your taste buds with the carnival’s specialty – Frittelle. It is a fried doughnut filled with Nutella, chocolate cream, or rum and sprinkled with powdered sugar. You can find these in every pastry shop during the carnival. 

Other famous Venetian foods you must try during the carnival include Galani, Castagnole, Sarde in Saor, Cicchetti, Polenta e Schie, and Bigoli. 

Why Do People Wear Masks At The Venice Carnival? 

Wearing a mask is an old tradition of the carnival of Venice. Even if you are not dressing up in a fancy carnival costume, putting on a mask is necessary to get into the carnival spirit. It is the hallmark of the carnival. Citizens wear a mask to get anonymity. 

Cheap plastic masks can be found in almost every corner around the city. You could find the fancy, traditional carnival masks handcrafted by the Venetian artisans only at a few places in Venice. 

Venice Carnival Masquerade Balls

Masquerade balls are the essence of the carnival of Venice. Attend one of these enchanting events and jump back into the ancient splendor. Also, to make your visit to the carnival of Venice memorable and special. 

These are authentic Venetian events that are hosted in the ancient Venetian buildings and palaces. To date, these hold the same 18th-century charm. Most of these events have a costume dress code and involve drinks, dinner, entertainment, and live musical performances. 

St Mark’s Square – Public Shows And Entertainment

Make your way to St Mark’s Square if you don’t want to blow out your budget on the ticket and costume to get in the masquerade ball. It is the center of the city that boasts some of Venice’s most marvelous architecture and is lined up with restaurants, cafes, and museums.

It is a great place to soak up the carnival atmosphere and entertainment. You get to witness plenty of free carnival events for free. A large stage is set up at the square, where you can watch the masked costume runway shows, theater performances, parades, comedy shows, and much more. 

‘Flight of the Angel’ & ‘Festa delle Marie’ are the main highlights of the Venice carnival. Not just this, various other celebrations, live music, and street parties with live DJs at night are also hosted at the square. And the cherry on the top is the breathtaking firework display illuminating the sky at the square. 

How To Get Around the Venice Carnival?

You can get around Venice on foot. Take a map and head out to discover the city and its beautiful alleys, squares, and buildings. Also, the yellow signs at the side of the buildings are the directions towards the main city points. 

If you do not wish to walk around the city, you can get into the Vaporetto. It is a Venetian public water bus. 

Apart from these, Gondola ferries are another quick way to get around the city.  You can find these at San Samuele, Santa Maria del Giglio, Punta della Dogana, and San Tomà. 

Few Tips You Must Know For 2022 Venice Carnival 

Book Your Stay in Advance 

It’s quite tough to find accommodation during the carnival in Venice as millions of people plan to travel at that time of the year. So, to ensure you get the best accommodation and within the budget, make sure to book your hotel or Airbnb around 12 months in advance. Yes, literally!  

Wear Comfortable Shoes 

Don’t go overboard with your carnival costume. Wear the best fancy dress you wish to wear, but stick to your comfortable pair of shoes so that the sore feet don’t ruin your entire experience. 

Date changes Every Year 

The dates of the Venice carnival change every year depending upon Lent. So, check the carnival dates and plan accordingly. 

It’s Cold in Italy During The Carnival Time 

Venice Carnival is a winter celebration. Keep a close eye on the weather forecast before heading out, and pack your outfits accordingly. 

Carry A Bag Along With You 

A mini backpack or something similar could be a lifesaver. It is the best option to keep your stuff handy and safe. 

Restrooms Are Hard To Find 

Public restrooms are not a common sight in Venice. Or if you find one, you are sure to get a long queue. It’s better to use it whenever you visit a hotel, restaurant or cafe. 

Be Prepared

If you are going to dress up in a fancy carnival costume, don’t get surprised by the crowd around you. Lots of people would be asking you to click a photo with them! 

What Are You Waiting For? Plan Your Trip To Venice Now…. 

While reading only, it seems nothing less than a movie, but imagine how huge it would be in reality? We know you cannot resist yourself from visiting Venice and experiencing this electric atmosphere in the city. No one can! 

Start planning your trip to Venice right away to attend the 2022 Venice Carnival. If you are concerned about traveling around the city, we are here with you. You need not wait in the long queue during the carnival to travel. With Benvenuto Limos, you can travel around the city most comfortably in luxurious chauffeur-driven limousines. 

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