5 Reasons You Just Can’t Miss Sicily

Apart from uncertain origins of the mafia, Sicily has a lot of reasons to consider visiting it. Land to some highly active Volcanoes, Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean sea and enjoys the autonomy of Italy and is situated near the southern tip of the country. Although a part of Italy, Sicily has a very distinct culture from that of Italy. Triangular in shape, it earns its another name Tinacria, and as its, an island has many beaches. Here are 5 reasons to visit Sicily:


sicily beachSicily is an island and being an island it is covered by water from all sides, giving it vast coastline and beaches. Some of the most beautiful beaches are situated in Sicily. With perfect turquoise water and white sand, the beaches of Sicily looks like they are painted in oil. A few to name:

– Cala Mosche
– Spaggia Marini in Tusa
– Sant Vito Lo Capo
– Mondello
– Lido Fiori
– Cala Rossa
– Scala dei Turchi
– Isola delle Correnti
– Isola Bella

2.Mount Etna

Mount Etna-Sicily

Probably the most popular site of Sicily all over the world is Mount Etna. It is the largest active volcano of Europe. Located at Sicily’s east coast- Catania, Etna has been erupting smoke rings since 1970’s and in the last 50 years it has given out rings thrice. The volcanic soil is amazingly fertile with vineyards, orchards. It could be a lifetime opportunity to visit an active volcano which can give goosebumps and butterflies in the stomach. Nothing can match the feeling that visiting an active volcano can give in the world.

3.The Greek Ruins

The Greek Ruins- Sicily

You need not visit Greece to view the Greek splendor, the magnificent Greek ruins are here in Sicily. Once the island of Sicily was ruled by the Greeks and today has a strong reminiscent leftover of Greek architecture. Witness a few beautiful wrecks:

– Valle dei Templi
– Ancient Greek Theater of Taormina
– Temples of Selinunte
– Ruins of Syracuse
– Palermo’s archaeological museum

4. Sicilian Cuisine

Unlike Italian cuisine, the Sicilian cuisine has influences of different cultures probably because of the geographical proximity. The influences- Greek, Spanish, Arab and French would make you fall in love with Sicilian food. If you are not a gourmet probably you would turn in one. Antipasti, Maccu, Manicotti, Cannoli are a few dishes to try.

5. History

Sicily History

Sicily has a significant history and was ruled as early as by Normans, Byzantines, Arabs, Greeks, Romans and as recent as by the British, Spanish and French. This paints Sicily in a polychromatic shade of cultures which is reflected in every aspect of the land.

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