10 Most Haunted Places in Italy

10 Most Haunted Places in Italy

Italy's Top 10 Haunted Places

We all love haunted places, right? The mere thought of the supernatural gives an adrenaline rush second to none.

Some of us may not believe in “haunted places”, but the possibility of the existence of such places is enough to get anyone on their feet. Exploring these places is an amazing thrill, especially when you know the myths and legends surrounding the place.

Italy destinations are always portrayed as romantic spots with gorgeous landscapes, serene water bodies, picturesque areas, and rich cultural heritage.

But it has its fair share of haunted places in Italy that, quite honestly, are more than capable of giving anyone the jitters. Check out the following 10 most haunted places in Italy, which are also some of the most haunted places in the world.

Be warned, some myths may not be myths at all. So proceed with caution.

1. Devil Monks Monastery, Sicignano degli Alburni, Salerno

The Devil Monk’s monastery is among the haunted places to visit in Italy. It has a scary and creepy history involving a “demonic monk” and his misdeeds.

The story goes like this:
A desperate wanderer stopped by the entrance of the monastery, asking for help. The wanderer decided to repay the monks for their hospitality and generosity by working for them. As he stayed on for a long time, he decided to become a monk himself.

After he had made his vows of celibacy, he fell in love with a woman. The other monks found this repulsive and deemed her to be a witch. In order to make her confess, they subjected her to a lot of torture, which led to her death.

Due to the loss of his love, the wanderer loses his mind, and he gains an evil personality shortly after. Monks and people from the nearby villages started disappearing under mysterious circumstances.

A couple had come to the monastery asking for help, just like the wanderer had come a long time back. It is said that the demonic monk was the one to welcome them, and after that, the woman was nowhere to be found.

The man driving the carriage suffered from a broken skull. As his menace had increased to a great extent, the local king sent troops to capture the madman. The demonic monk was hanged. His evil presence still exists in the monastery.

Stay vigilant when you visit this place, a site that adds to the allure of Italy vacation spots.

2. Castello di Fenis, Aosta

This is just like any other spooky castle except for the fact that most people are deceived by its looks. Visitors claim to have heard voices from the restricted area of the castle that is closed to everyone. 

Some say that spirits lurk around and try to communicate with mortal beings to help them with their unfinished tasks.

3. Ca’ Dario, Venice

Ca’ Dario, Venice, a popular stop on haunted Venice tours, is located on the Canal Grande. This building has an exquisite beauty that has been marred by an ancient curse.

If the legend is to be believed, then anyone who lays claim to this forsaken place dies a painful and violent death. It was built in the 15th century by Giovanni Dario, who was also responsible for the design of the building.

Due to the curse, Giovanni lost his son, who was murdered, while his daughter committed suicide.

Other people who died include Count Delle Lanza (murdered), Kit Lambert (committed suicide by intentionally falling down the stairs), and Raul Giardini (committed suicide under mysterious circumstances).

Up till now, 13 owners have died, often under mysterious circumstances. No one wants to buy the house anymore. But you can surely check it out as long as you don’t intend to own it.

4. Ca’ Delle Anime, Voltri (Genova)

This house has a scary history of mysterious disappearances, making it a notable addition to haunted places to visit. It served as an inn and catered to travelers who used the road between Lombardy and Piedmont. 

According to the story associated with this haunted place, the innkeeper would greet the travelers and suggest they sleep in a quiet and secluded room after having their share of drinks. Once the travelers fall asleep, the ceiling would crush them by moving towards the floor.

With the travelers dead, the innkeeper would dispose of the remains and gather whatever loot was left behind. Recently, a bag containing bones dating back to the 19th century was found near the house. 

Despite the creepy past, the house is still inhabited today. Those who live here claim to have seen apparitions and experienced supernatural occurrences. Creepy, isn’t it? This story adds to the allure of Italy vacation spots for those seeking a thrill.

5. Ospedale Montecatone, Imola

This used to be a hospital which was specialized in the treatment of tuberculosis. It was designed by Mussolini in 1930. As is the case with almost every hospital, not all patients manage to survive.

It is said that this hospital is haunted by the spirits of those who died there. A pavilion of the hospital currently lies abandoned.

Local ghost-hunting teams have already explored the haunted remains of this hospital and claim to have seen a little girl running down the halls.

This place has been subjected to a lot of speculation and debate owing to the mysterious sightings and the eerie aura that emanates from the building. Probably, this is why no one is willing to restore the building and get it started again.

It’s a unique spot for those looking to book a trip to Italy with a twist.

6. Monastero Santa Radegonda, Milano

If you have ever visited the Monastero Santa Radegonda at Milano, you will probably be aware of the strange apparition that screams in torment.

It is said that towards the end of the 14th century, Bernarda, daughter of Bernabò Visconti, was locked in the Rocchetta di Porta Nuova.

She was accused of indulging in adultery. Due to the harsh environment and obvious mental stress, she died within a few months of being locked up. Her spirit roams the cloisters of this haunted church, where she can be seen screaming at her father.

There are many who lay claim to this sighting. No one knows for sure whether this is true. But it is best to leave the dead to their own devices.

But it is best to leave the dead to their own devices. This story is a part of the rich tapestry of haunted places in Italy.

7. Villa Clara, Ferrara

The Villa Clara in Ferrara is said to be one of the creepiest and most haunted places in Italy. The villa is positioned in a strange manner such that it is rarely illuminated by natural lighting, and it is usually surrounded by fog.

This is why the citizens do not prefer to walk near the house. Although there are several different versions of the story behind this haunted place, the common fact in all the stories is that Clara (supposed to be a girl or a woman) was buried alive by her father.

No one knows exactly why she was killed. Some say that she was a clairvoyant, and this scared her father to such an extent that he decided to end her life.

Others say that she had an illicit affair with a servant. Sadly, no one can confirm any of these claims. If you happen to be near this place, then there is a good chance that you might hear Clara crying out and screaming for help.

Just a friendly piece of advice – ignore the calls of the dead, for you never know what may lurk behind the shadows. This eerie tale adds to the mystique of a haunted island in Italy.

8. Castello Aragonese, Pizzo Calabro

This is the infamous place where King Gioacchino Murat was shot to death after Napoleon was defeated in 1815. Nothing much is said or written about this place. 

However, visitors claim to have experienced kinetic occurrences, which indicate that the ghost of Murat still haunts the place and is trying to quench his unending surge of vengeance. 

I am sure that you would not want to cross paths with this angry soul. This location is a must-visit for those interested in ghost-touring Rome, Italy.

9. Evil Tower, Castello di Poppi

The tower is creepy enough when you check it out during the day. Just imagine what it would look like during the night. The story goes that the spirit of Matelda, who supposedly killed her lover after a night of love-making, haunts this place.

It is said that she was buried in this tower, and while her earthly remains were decomposed, her spirit continued to live on and make its presence felt.

Even today, people claim that they have come across the ghost of Matelda in the creepy tower. This story is often shared on Venice ghost tours.

10. Castello di Montebello, Torriana

The Castello di Montebello in Torriana is one of the most famous legendary places in all of Italy. The interesting thing about the legend is that the date of the unfortunate mishap is available, and this makes it even more believable.

On June 21st, 1375, a girl by the name of Guendalina Malatesta was playing in the castle when she lost her toy down the stairs of a basement. Some believe that her spirit still exists in the castle, and every 5 years, people can hear her crying.

It is a creepy experience, something that I would never want to check out at all. The girl was an Albino, and in those times, such people were burnt at the stake because they were believed to have been sent by evil powers.

To protect her child, her mother dyed her hair with the use of natural herbs. But it tended to fade away, leaving behind a bluish hue. This is why she is also called ‘Azzurrina’. This tale is a part of the lore surrounding haunted Venice, Italy, and Poveglia Island Venice.

Ghosting Out!

These are some of the creepiest places in Italy, which are definitely for the brave-hearted. The mere thought of checking out these places makes the heart skip a beat. 

How about exploring them on your next Italy trip? If you have already visited these places, then do share your experiences with us. We would love to hear about it.

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