10 Best Fascinating Museums of Florence

10 Best Fascinating Museums of Florence

Museums of Florence

Florence is an Italian city surrounded by famous museums. The artwork in the museum gives the tourist some unknown glimpses of facts from the Renaissance – the 14th century. The museums are a must-visit when you are in Florence.

Some Lesser-Known Facts About The Top 10 Florence Museums

Uffizi Gallery

It is one of the top two famous museums visited in Italy. The gallery occupies a two-floor space in the building constructed by Giorgio Vasari in 1580. The gallery has different halls where famous collections of Roman and Gothic paintings and sculptures from the medieval period are kept. The paintings and sculptures were made by famous Italian artists like; Filippo Lippi, Botticelli, and Michelangelo.

Though the gallery has a collection of paintings and sculptures, it is known for having the best paintings. The gallery welcomes around 10,000 visitors a day. Visitors walk through the collections from different halls and are welcomed in an ancient church with low candlelight lighting.

The open corridors of the gallery have some exciting views of Ponte Vechio on the Arno River, Bardini Garden, and San Miniato Church. Uffizi Gallery is one of the Florence attractions when you are in Florence. And in the afternoons visiting this place is cherished forever.

Bargello Palace National Museum

Bargello palace national museum is the first national museum in Italy. It is one of the best museums in Florence. It was built in 1255. It has a beautiful balcony on the first floor.

The national museum is known for its beautiful sculptures from the renaissance time and artworks of Luca Della Robbia, Cellini, and many more. The museum has some stunning furniture collections, textiles, medals, bronzes, waxes, seals, tapestries, and many more from the Medieval period.

The architecture of the museum’s building in itself is a must-watch. The building has open stairways built by Michelangelo in the 15th century. The stairways take you to different rooms where the collections are kept. The museum also has some famous and rare gold and military items collections from the 16th century.

Anyone who loves the artwork done by famous artists from the medieval period must visit this museum to experience some rare designs.

Gucci Museum

Gucci Museum, known as Gucci Garden, was inaugurated as a garden in 2011. The museum was built in the year 1921 by Guccio Gucci. It is one of the biggest fashion brands in the world today. The museum is built in Palazzo della Mercanzia (A palace of merchandise), headquartered in Piazza Della Signoria. The palace was built as a court in the year 1305 but later on, got renovated.

At first, Guccio Gucci worked in a leather luggage shop because of his interest in creating leather luggage bags. Day by day, Guccio Gucci progressed in his work. He started running his own business by the name Gucci, and in 1938 Gucci introduced his brand name “Gucci” in Rome. Gucci expanded the business by opening stores in Milan in Manhattan (introducing the brand overseas).

In the 21st century, Gucci is the world’s famous fashion house for various celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and many more. The museum has a Feng Shui restaurant owned by a star chef Massimo Bottura. The restaurant menu includes the ‘Renaissance Chapter- A five-course meal’ and ‘The world through our eyes chapter- A six-course meal; the menu includes two rounds of wine. 

The Gucci store in the museum has a collection of Guccio Gucci creations since 1921. The store also has a beautiful collection of clothes, accessories, bags, and more. The museum has a book store where previous journals and hundreds of artistic books are kept.

Fashion and book lovers are visitors to Gucci Museum- a famous Museum in Florence, Italy. The museum takes no entry fees for disabled people, people above the age of 65, and children below the age of 12.

Bardini Museum

Stefano Bardini constructed the museum in the year 1880. The museum has a collection of 3600 artworks, including iconic sculptures, paintings, coins, medals, musical instruments, and more. Madonna dei Cordai, Saint Michael Archangel, and Carita (in English – Charity) are some beautiful pieces of work done by Donatello, Antonio of the Pollaiolo, and Tino dei Camino.

Bronze Boar Fountain (Porcellino) was built in 1612 in the Bardini Museum. Tourists who visit the museums believe that touching the fountain’s boar is good luck for them.

Tourists visiting the museum also visit the nearby attractions like the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and Museo dell’ Opera del duomo. If you love Florence art museums and want to experience them, visiting Bardini Museum is a good choice.

Ospedale degli Innocenti (Hospital of The Innocents)

In the year 1400, Florence was filled with abandoned babies. The people of Florence abandoned their children for many reasons like; War, Plague, and Poverty. Arte Della Seta (Child Foundation) took responsibility for all the abandoned children and built Ospedale Degli Innocenti (An orphanage) for the innocents.

The orphanage door was constructed so that parents who dropped their child at the orphanage were not visible to the other people. The orphanage provided the boys with education, and the girls were trained for life necessities like sewing and cooking. The orphanage girls also got married and settled, and the orphanage took all the responsibility for the marriage.

Currently, the orphanage has a small museum for art from the Renaissance period and remains the home for abandoned children. If you want quality time with those children, you must visit the museum.

Casa Buonarroti (Michelangelo House)

Currently a museum, but earlier a building that was the home of the famous artist, Michelangelo. The museum has a collection of iconic works like drawings and sketches created by Michelangelo in remembrance.

The building was renovated as a museum to show the extraordinary legacy left behind by Michelangelo. The museum also has some other rooms to show the famous work of Giovanni di Francesco.

Every year an exhibition is organized in the museum to educate the visitors on Michelangelo and the artistic aspects of Casa Buonarroti.

Museo Galileo

The museum is one of the famous museums in Florence, Italy, named after famous scientist Galileo Galilei, born in 1564. He had made some famous discoveries like the Galilean Moons of Jupiter – A discovery in Astronomy, and the pendulum or a swing is dependent on the length of the wire. He also founded Heliocentricity (the knowledge of earth revolves around the sun), due to which he got in a conflict with Roman catholic and got house arrested.

The museum has a collection of all the instruments invented by Galileo, like; thermometers, barometers, microscopes, old maps, globes, and calculators. Galileo also invented a bronze sundial which is still working and is placed at the museum’s entrance. The museum also has Galileo’s index finger and thumb in the collections.

If you are a science lover, you must visit Museo Galileo when visiting Florence.

Museo Archeologico (Archeological Museum)

Museo Archeologico is one of the oldest Florence museums in Italy, showing beautiful artwork from the Etruscan civilizations. It has a famous collection of works like the bronze Chimera of Arezzo, an iconic artwork done by Etruscans. And, also ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman collections from medieval times.

Over 14000 artifacts from the prehistoric period are currently on the museum’s display. The artifacts include a group of statues, ornaments, bronze objects, and many more. The collections are kept in the different halls of the museum, and a complete renovation is done in the halls for exhibition purposes.

If you love Egyptian artwork, the museum is a must-visit.

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