ROSP7 - Naples, enroute to Sorrento


Marvelous Road Trip from Rome to Naples En-route to Sorrento Visiting Artistic Monuments & Sites in Superb Vehicles that are perfect for Long Travels.

Italy is a popular European country which has magical locations. This land is rich in terms of history, art & culture. You can visit Rome that has a wonderful collection of historical monuments. There are other famous locations across Italy that can be toured via road. Our chauffeur service can be selected for traveling from Rome to Naples En-route to Sorrento. Naples is a classic metropolitan city that is known for its vibrant architecture. You will feel refreshed after reaching this area. Moreover, the stretch from Naples to Sorrento will help you experience the lovely coastal canvas. The tour will last for seven hours wrapped in style and luxury. It is advisable that you select a day tour so that maximum locations can be visited.

The tour starting from Rome to Naples Enroute to Sorrento consists of a changing landscape. Naples is located at a wonderful location with Mount Vesuvius in the backdrop. This city will allow you to experience medieval as well as modern architecture that is spread across varies locations. Pizza Margherita was born in Naples and there are several eateries here where you can savor this delicious food item. Some of the important sites in Naples include Museum of National Archaeology, the cloister of Chiara and theatre of San Carlo. You can trust Benvenuto’s English-speaking driver who will cruise you to each of these sites. They possess good knowledge about the local roads and sites that counts as a crowning advantage for finding quick routes. The entrance fee to different highlights needs to be paid on the spot. This cost is not a part of the main tour package.

This journey from Naples on the way to Sorrento starting from Rome is an exquisite experience. We offer chauffeured luxury cars such as Mercedes sedans that are classy and grand. A minivan can also be chosen for travel when the number of travelers is more than two. For large tourist groups we offer minibuses that are quite spacious. The trip cost varies depending on the ride you select. Fuel, highway taxes and parking cost are counted as a part of the tour package. Our service makes sure that the customers dine at quality restaurants during this tour. This charge is not included in the total trip expense.

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Pizza Margherita

Museum of National Archaeology

Charterhouse of San Martino

Piazza Municipio


Archeological Museum: 6.50 Euros (Closed on Tuesdays)



  • € 6001-2 Passengers (Sedan)
  • € 7053-5 Passengers (Sedan/Minivan)
  • € 7556-8 Passengers (Minivan)

Number of pax Traveling:

Please note that all rates quoted include all taxes, vehicle and drive, highway tolls, car fuel and parking but exclude lunch, entrance tickets and guides in sites unless stated outherwise on this page. Payments can be made by Credit Card (Amex, Mastercard or Visa), Travellers Checks (Euros), Personal Check (USD) or in the cash amount (US Dollars or Euros), on the day of the service.

A credit card will be needed for guarantee purposes only.

Payment in Euros is much appreciated and will avoid expensive Italian bank commission on exchange rates. However, if you choose a different payment method rather than Euro cash, the additional costs are as follow:

Credit card: + 12 %

Cash/Check USD: Official exchange rate + 7%

There is a mandatory City Tax charged for Minibuses and Buses ONLY entering the City. These additional charges will be added to the final quote and shown above.