ROSP5 - Mount Vesuvius, enroute to Sorrento


Cruise from Rome to Mount Vesuvius En-route to Sorrento in Chauffeured Sedans for Learning About the Natural Glory of Southern Italy in Complete Leisure.

You will be amazed after reaching Italy which holds several important destinations. Rome is the capital city that is known to possess classic monuments and excavations. This region has impressive mosaics that depict the existence of ancient Roman culture. You can explore different colors of this land by accessing a road trip to southern Italy. Benvenuto offers an exciting trip from Rome to Mount Vesuvius En-route to Sorrento which will keep you mesmerized. Mount Vesuvius is a strong natural feature which is valued by the local people. It is a volcanic mountain that has not erupted since many years. With us you can avail limousine chauffeurs who will cruise you to various prominent spots during this journey. This tour package can be availed on all days that make our service supremely efficient.

The ride from Rome to Mount Vesuvius Enroute to Sorrento is very alluring since it discloses the natural greatness of Italy. People visit this landmark so as to view the crater that is located uphill. This spot can be reached after trekking for about 45-minutes. The trained chauffeur will safely drop you at the precise location where the walk starts. You will be offered detailed knowledge from the driver related to different sites that are covered in this tour. The best part is that, our drivers can interact in both English as well as the native language. It is advised that you wear comfortable footwear as the track is quite rough. There is an entrance fee that needs to be paid for reaching Mount Vesuvius. This cost is not included in the trip price. You can also hire a private guide for this trip but this amount needs to be paid separately.

You can reach Mount Vesuvius on the way to Sorrento starting from Rome in luxury cars. We offer sedans as well as minivans that can be selected for this tour. Mercedes S-Class, E-Class and V-Class cars are filled with useful necessities which can be easily hired for a comfortable journey. These vehicles consist of GPS systems that help in easy touring. The tour packages from Rome to Sorrento vary depending on the vehicle you pick. Prefer a day trip so that sufficient sites can be reached.

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Mount Vesuvius

View the crater of Vesuvius

walking trails to the top




  • € 6001-2 Passengers (Sedan)
  • € 7053-5 Passengers (Sedan/Minivan)
  • € 7556-8 Passengers (Minivan)

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