ROAC4 - Pompeii & Sorrento, enroute to the Amalfi Coast


Exquisite Trip for Travelers to Reach Marvelous Tourist Destinations While Riding from Rome to Pompeii and Sorrento En-route to the Amalfi Coast in Rich Vehicles.

Visit Italy to unfold some serene locations that are quite fascinating. Rome is the capital city that is rich in terms of history and culture. You should travel south in order to explore more historical locations. We are a trusted chauffeur service that offers exciting trips to different locations across Italy. A trip from Rome to Pompeii and Sorrento En-route to the Amalfi Coast can be covered in chauffeured vehicles. It is one of the luxurious travel options that will surely please you to the core. Pompeii is an ancient town whereas Sorrento has a coastal view which shouldn’t be missed. Our trained chauffeurs will guide you to all the important locations at a quick pace. 

Pompeii was once an integral part of the Roman Empire but was destroyed in 79 AD. The ruins of this city are still preserved as archaeological sites. This region attracts a large number of tourists every year. The Amphitheater of Pompeii and the Temple of Isis are listed among the important highlights present in this city. On the other hand, Sorrento is a peaceful coastal area that has high cliffs and beautiful gardens. The Bay of Naples is present in the backdrop which looks amazing during the sunset. You can visit Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo easily during this tour. The main motive of the driver is to safely move you to all the prime tourist locations. Our chauffeur service is tagged as the best since our drivers can interact in both English and the native language. They offer detailed information about various highlights that counts very profitable for the tourists. Moreover, if you need to visit a restaurant or eating outlet the driver will pilot you to the best spot without any hassle. For this tour from Rome to Sorrento and Pompeii Enroute to the Amalfi Coast you can hire a private guide. Do remember that the cost of hiring is not included in the tour price. 

To reach Pompeii and Sorrento on the way to Amalfi Coast starting from Rome you can select a Mercedes sedan. If the travelers are more than two, then opt for a minivan or a minibus. The trip cost will vary depending on the number of travelers and also on the vehicle you choose. 

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The ruins of Pompeii

Archeological excavations

Spectacular views of the entire bay of Naples and the Island of Capri

Correale di Terranova


Comfortable walking shoes are suggested for this tour.

Entrance fees:

Pompeii - 15 Euros
Open 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Private guide service at the ruins of Pompeii is available upon request at an extra charge.

Make sure your cameras are charged or load up on batteries!


Villa Cimbrone - 5 Euros
Villa Rufolo - 5 Euros
Emerald Grotto - 5 Euro
Open 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Available: Everyday of the year.

If the clients are staying in Ravello we need to extend this tour by 1 extra hour (70 Euro extra charge).



  • € 6501-2 Passengers (Sedan)
  • € 7653-5 Passengers (Sedan/Minivan)
  • € 8156-8 Passengers (Minivan)

Number of pax Traveling:

Please note that all rates quoted include all taxes, vehicle and drive, highway tolls, car fuel and parking but exclude lunch, entrance tickets and guides in sites unless stated outherwise on this page. Payments can be made by Credit Card (Amex, Mastercard or Visa), Travellers Checks (Euros), Personal Check (USD) or in the cash amount (US Dollars or Euros), on the day of the service.

A credit card will be needed for guarantee purposes only.

Payment in Euros is much appreciated and will avoid expensive Italian bank commission on exchange rates. However, if you choose a different payment method rather than Euro cash, the additional costs are as follow:

Credit card: + 12 %

Cash/Check USD: Official exchange rate + 7%

Minibus/Bus City Taxes

  • € 100Pompeii  : 9 - 14 pax
  • € 125Pompeii  : 15 - 50 pax

There is a mandatory City Tax charged for Minibuses and Buses ONLY entering the City. These additional charges will be added to the final quote and shown above.