Beaches of Positano, Ravello, and Vietri Sul Mare | From The Port of Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast Shore-Excursions

AP2 - Positano, Ravello & Vietri Sul Mare

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  • Duration 8 Hrs (Full Day)

    Available Everyday of the year

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Amalfi Coast to Positano, Ravello and Vietri Sul Mare Shore Excursion Will Help you Unfold Lovely Coastal Backdrops Riding in Superb Luxury Vehicles.

The geographical wonders of Italy are mainly present in the southern districts. Amalfi Coast is known for its soothing atmosphere that consists of beaches and marvelous ports. This area also holds several artistic buildings and high cliff that shouldn’t be missed. You can access a road trip to nearby destinations so as to explore the beauty of this land. The Amalfi Coast to Positano, Ravello and Vietri Sul Mare Shore Excursion would help you learn more about Italy. Our chauffeur service should be selected for this journey. We provide luxury sedans & minivans so that the customers can travel in style. This tour package can be availed on all days of the week.

Positano is a lovely region that offers an alluring view of the waterfront. The narrow streets are very interesting and hold excellent architecture. One can visit the cathedral, restaurants etc present in Positano. Piazza dei Mulini is the popular landmark in this town which is frequently visited by tourists. Ravello is a town that is located uphill. This region is full of gardens and ancient structures. The villas in Ravello are very attractive and are tagged as popular tourist spots. Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone possess classic medieval designing. Vietri Sul Mare is a unique location which is mainly known for its artistic stores. The clay creations sold in this region are admired by tourists from different parts of the world. You can check out vibrant mosaics which are drawn of various walls across the city. The experienced chauffeur would help you reach different destinations within no time. Our English-speaking chauffeurs hold good knowledge about all the major highlights. This proves advantageous for the tourists. The driver is also capable of helping you search quality eateries in the vicinity. Entrance fee to different sites and guide hiring cost are excluded from Amalfi Coast to Vietri Sul Mare, Positano and Ravello Shore Excursion tour price.

For Amalfi Coast to Ravello, Vietri Sul Mare and Positano Shore Excursion it is advised that you access a day trip. Our chauffeur service offers sedans, minivans and minibuses that are loaded with useful amenities. The tour cost does vary depending on the ride you select for this travel.

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    Stop in Positano, Amalfi and Vietri sul Mare

    Breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast


  • 1-2 Passengers (Sedan) 400
  • 3-4 Passengers (Sedan/Minivan) 450
  • 5-6 Passengers (Minivan) 500
  • 7-8 Passengers (Minivan) 550
  • 9-10 Passengers (Minibus) 875
* Extra pax charged at 50 Euro per person
  • No. of Pax Travelling



Comfortable walking shoes are suggested for this tour. Make sure your cameras are charged or load up on batteries! Available: Everyday of the year.


Minibus/Bus City Taxes

  • Positano : 9 - 14 pax 100
  • Positano : 15 - 50 pax N/A

Bus City Taxes

Entrance Fees and Times

Villa Cimbrone - 7 Euros
Villa Rufolo - 7 Euros
Emerald Grotto - 5 Euro
Open 09.00 AM - 5.00 PM